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Comparative Criminal Justice

February 27-March 5, 2016

This course examines the legal and criminal justice systems of select nations with a special focus on the criminal justice system of Spain. It highlights the differing approaches used by various countries to "the crime problem", as they compare to the U.S. justice model. This course also addresses the influence of different historical, political, economic, social and cultural factors on the structures of legal institutions and systems of justice. Given the course's special focus on Spain's criminal justice system, required Spring Break travel to Spain will include visits to criminal justice agencies and facilities, along with interactions with criminal justice professionals and students. Students will identify and analyze points of convergence and divergence between the United States and Spain on perceived causes of crimes and approaches to crime prevention and control. (Prerequisites: CRJU 1100 or LGST 2500 or LEGS 1150 or INST 1500 or POLS 1200 or INB 3550 or the completion of 12 credit hours)

CRJU 3600—Comparative Criminal Justice (3 credits) 
See CourseWizard for course syllabus.
Instructor: George Kakoti, Ph.D., LL.M., Associate Professor
Contact Information: | (954) 262-7678 | Parker Building, Room 124

Trip Information (Price-Itinerary-Payment Schedule)

If you choose to enroll in this course, please follow these directions:

  • Complete the application and the Release of Liability form.
  • Make TWO copies of the application and the Release of Liability form.
  • Submit one copy to Dr. Alejandra Parra ( at the Office of International Affairs (Horvitz Building-2nd Floor) with your deposit and copy of your valid passport.
  • Keep one copy for your records.
  • Register for the class with your academic advisor during open registration.
  • Submit payments to Dr. Alejandra Parra at the Office of International Affairs.

Required Documents


Day 1
Fly from Miami to Barcelona, Spain

Day 2
Arrive in Barcelona; take shuttle to hotel 

Day 3
University of Barcelona—visit and educational session; tour of Modela Prison

Day 4
Visit courts; visit public prosecutors

Day 5
Visit sites of interest

Day 6
Visit law enforcement; visit public defenders

Day 7
Barcelona city bus sight-seeing tour; personal time

Day 8
Fly from Barcelona to Miami 

Tuition and Fees

$2,050 trip cost includes:

  • airfare
  • hotel accommodations
  • daily breakfast
  • Airport shuttle , transportation to course-related locations and I city tour n Barcelona

Not Included

  • tuition and NSU fees for this course
  • travel and medical insurance (required)
  • incidental travel in each city
  • snacks, lunches, dinners

Travel study trips often require strenuous activity that may be difficult for some students. In many destinations, special accommodations are not available. If you may require special accommodations to participate in a travel study trip, please speak with the respective faculty member to determine whether or not you should enroll in this class.

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