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Student Conduct


Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct at Nova Southeastern University. Student Conduct at NSU covers many facets of the student experience, from finding information about our student mediation services to reporting incidents, concerns, or grievances that you may have observed. If you have been found in violation of the student code of conduct, you will find resources here that will help you understand the process and your rights as a student. The Office of Student Conduct ultimate goal is to uphold the values of a safe and secure community here at Nova Southeastern University.

Our Philosophy

The Nova Southeastern University Conduct Process is designed to reflect and to support the educational mission of the institution and to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals charged with or victimized by student misconduct.  For the purpose of promoting its educational mission, Nova Southeastern University has the inherent right to preserve order and maintain stability through the setting of standards of conduct and the prescribing of procedures for the enforcement of such standards. In addition to maintaining order and stability, whenever possible, the university aims to utilize its disciplinary procedure as a developmental process.

Student Centered

Part of our role is to help educate our students to make better choices. The conduct process and sanctions for violation of rules and regulations are designed for guidance or correction of behavior and to protect the rights of other students within the university community, rather than for punishment. In accordance with this philosophy, educational assignments may be added to any disciplinary penalties. In this way, the judicial process becomes a development experience that is intended to result in the growth and personal understanding of individual responsibilities on the part of all parties.

At the core of the student conduct process are the students that we see and the approach to student conduct of education, focusing on student learning through individual growth and accountability of behavior, is to help and encourage these students to be successful.

Community with Integrity

By becoming a member of the university community, a student acquires rights in, as well as responsibilities to, the whole university community.  Respect and deference for every individual is one of the core tenets of NSU identity. It is particularly necessary that this respect encompass diversity and differences of opinion. This responsibility includes regard for the safety, security and health of others in a university community guided by standards of truthfulness, honesty and personal honor. 

It is the mission of NSU to be a university of quality and distinction that engages all students and produces alumni who serve with integrity in their lives, fields of study, and resulting careers. In this same way, we have a responsibility to creating a process that maintains high standards of fairness, objectivity, and good judgment. It is the responsibility of the NSU Conduct Process and all members of the NSU community to maintain a nurturing, academic environment while affording individual students maximum personal freedom within institutional guidelines.

Adapted from the NSU Student Handbook, NSU Core Values, and the Student Conduct Offices of University of North Carolina Wilmington, University of Kentucky, Georgetown University, and Marist College.
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