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Students, Devices - Using Our Site

Using Our Site

The University's Web site provides a great deal of information for a very wide range of users. The new design allows for prospective audiences to obtain a quick snapshot of all that the University has to offer. While geared toward prospective audiences (i.e. students, alumni, faculty, staff, vendors), the site still provides categorized resource pages for current students, faculty, and staff. Information for these groups can be accessed through the "Resources For" drop down menu.

System Requirements

BrowsersBrowser: This site works best if you use:

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or better.

Javascript: All newly designed pages rely on javascript to enhance user experience (i.e. online forms, plug-ins (Flash Player), navigation menu effects, etc.).

Cookies: We use cookies on our site pages (new and old) to compile anonymous statistics that allow us to understand how users use our website. You will not be personally identified in any way. We also use cookies on our newly designed pages to serve specific content to new and returning visitors.

Validation Standards

All newly designed pages on this site use XHTML 1.0 Transitional mark-up, validated using the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) validation service. All newly designed pages are UTF-8 encoded.

All newly designed pages are using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS level 3) for presentation, validated using the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) validation service.

Global Navigation

All of NSU's newly designed pages contain a set of global navigation links to the right of the NSU branding logo (logo can also be used to return to our main page).

Global Navigation

The global navigation links are:

  • Undergraduate - Contains information regarding admissions, financial aid, student life, and academic degree offerings.
  • Graduate & Professional - Contains information regarding our masters, doctoral, professional, certificate, and continuing education program offerings.
  • Academics - Provides access to all of the University's degree and program offerings, list of colleges and schools, institutes, online education, and catalogs/brochures.
  • Student Life - Explore student life at NSU through our athletics, residential living, clubs and organizations, and our performing and visual arts programs.
  • Research - Explore some of the innovative research being conducted at NSU.
  • Community - NSU is committed to community service through a variety of programs. Explore our Health Care Centers, Libraries, and our Museum of Art
  • About NSU - Learn about our history, accreditation, and our plan for the future. Explore are campus locations, contact us, get directions, or schedule a campus visit!

Search Box

Search BoxOn all NSU pages, new and old design, contain either a search box or a "Search NSU" link on the top right, where you can search all of our domain pages. Nova Southeastern University currently utilizes an Enterprise Google Search Appliance. Our search allows for users to quickly search our local Web pages, as well as the Internet through utilizing your initial search on our Web site.

If your initial search results need to be narrowed, please click on the "Advanced Search" link on the right side of the search button. If you need assistance on how to use our search engine, click on the "Search Tips" link on the right side of the search button.

Footer Links Menu

Quick LinksOn all newly designed Web pages you will find a "Quick Links" menu in the footer panel. The "Quick Links" menu contains our most utilized resources.

Breadcrumb Trail

BreadcrumbsAll of our newly designed Web pages feature a linked map of where you are within our site's structure from our home page. The breadcrumb trail is found directly below the section image of the page. The trail can be used for navigating back to our main home page or back to an important section that you are visiting.

NSU Phone Book (Site Map)

If you are having trouble locating a particular NSU Web site or finding particular information, please use our Phone Book. Our Phone Book is an A-Z listing of all our departments with a direct Web site link on the department name. It also includes main phone and fax numbers for the department. If you are a current student, faculty, staff, or alumni with an NSU account, you may also visit the phone/email directory to search for NSU individual faculty and staff information.

Web Site Feedback

We would appreciate your feedback regarding our Web site, please visit our Contact Us form and choose the subject, "NSU Web Site Comments".

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