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Visiting Scholar

Information for Exchange Scholars

Congratulations! You have been invited by one of the NSU centers/colleges/administrators to become part of the NSU team and to share your expertise and culture with us. In order to be one of our Exchange Scholars, you will need to obtain a J-1 visa at the American Embassy/Consulate in your own country.  For this, you will need Form DS 2019. This form is issued by our Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

Requirements for obtaining the Form DS-2019 

To issue the Form DS-2019, the OISS must receive the following supporting documents:

  1. A letter of invitation, offer, or acknowledgement from the NSU Department that is inviting the scholar.
  2. Financial Information
    OISS must verify the visiting scholar’s funding prior to issuance of the DS-2019; and proof of adequate funding, if it comes from a source other than the NSU Department, must be submitted.

    Visiting scholars must submit funding proof of $18,000 for program periods that are longer than one year (programs of less than one year will be prorated).

    Visiting scholars may be financially supported by the NSU host department, external agencies, the scholar’s government or home institution, or entirely by the scholar’s personal resources. If the scholar is not supported by NSU, he/she must show the amount indicated above.

    If applicable, visiting scholars bringing family members must show additional funding support of $6,000 for a spouse and $4,000 for each child (these amounts will be prorated for programs of less than one year).
  3. A copy of  Visiting Scholar’s C.V. or résumé.
    Biographical information about the scholar’s spouse and children is necessary if the ends to accompany the visiting scholar to the U.S. Birth date, city and country of birth and relationship to the scholar are required.
  4. Proof of Medical Insurance
    All exchange visitors (J-1) are required to have and maintain adequate health insurance, which includes coverage for repatriation and medical evacuation, for themselves and any accompanying family members (J-2) as a condition of their legal status in the U.S. To comply with this federal regulation, NSU requires that all persons in J status to document their insurance coverage as follows:

    Medical Benefits: $100,000
    Repatriation of Remains: $25,000
    Medical Evacuation: $50,000
    Deductible (per accident or illness): $500

  5. Proof of English Proficiency
    Visiting Scholars whose native or official language is not English are required to demonstrate English proficiency in order to obtain a Form DS-2019.

    The following standardized tests currently satisfy the English language proficiency requirements for the majority of NSU's colleges, schools and centers:

When Visiting Scholars Receive the Form DS-2019

  1. After OISS receives all the required documentation, the Form DS-2019 is issued and sent out to the Visiting Scholar by international mail.
  2. The scholar then makes an appointment at a U.S. consul or embassy. He or she will be required to show financial proof, citizenship (valid passport) and give a statement of his purpose for the visa. If dependents are accompanying the scholar, they also will need to attend this appointment.
  3. The scholar will be granted the J-1 visa, or be asked for more information. (Visa denial is possible. Denial of a visa is difficult to overcome. This is why we request that you ensure all the information submitted for the DS-2019 is accurate, including spelling of name, city of birth, etc.)
  4. If the visa is granted, the Visiting Scholar (and family) is ready to travel to the United States.
  5. The Visiting Scholar completes the Virtual Arrival Orientation and prints out the Certificate of Completion to bring to the Office of International Students and Scholars to submit at their check-in upon arrival in the country. (Information on this Virtual Pre-Arrival Orientation is sent out with the DS-2019 packet).

When Visiting Scholars Arrive in the United States

  1. When the scholar physically enters the U.S. at a port-of-entry, he/she will again be “inspected,” this time by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The scholar’s Form DS-2019 will be processed with an entry stamp along with the Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94) indicating the entry-date, port-of-entry, nonimmigrant status and a designation of “D/S,” which means “duration of status.”
  2. Visiting Scholars MUST check in at the Office of International Students and Scholars as soon as they arrive.
  3. Once the scholar arrives on campus, he/she will need to check-in with the OISS to establish an active J-1 Exchange Visitor Scholar Record and make photocopies of all immigration related documents.
  4. Under USCIS regulations, J-1 scholars will be considered out of status (illegally present) if USCIS is not notified of their arrival by the sponsoring institution within 30 days of their program starting date (The date requested by the department and listed on the DS-2019).

    Note: If the scholar’s entry into the US is delayed, it may be necessary to issue a new document with a new start date. Please contact the OISS when entry is delayed.
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