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Getting Started

Planning to participate in a Sharks Abroad program requires careful planning and a lot of excitement.  Our Sharks Abroad team is here to help you navigate the process.
    • Follow us on Instagram @sharksabroad for the most up to date event information!
    • Come to information session held every Monday & Friday at 12 pm. 

    • Meet with your Academic Advisor.
    • Find out which term(s) is/are best for you to study abroad and which courses you may be able to transfer in from your study abroad program.
    • Make sure and discuss your plans with any other critical NSU advisors, such as your Razor's Edge program director, coaches, dual program advisors, etc.

    • Review programs on Sharks Abroad website and other study abroad search engines. 
    • Narrow it down to 1-3 programs.
    • Remember to consider the courses that are offered and what is (and what is NOT) included in the program fee when you are comparing programs!

    • Answer the following questions:
      • What aid will you be able to use on a study abroad program?
      • How will you fund the difference between the aid you have and the cost of your program?
      • What are the deadlines for the study abroad scholarships for which you are eligible?

    • Submit your NSU Study Abroad Application by the deadline!
    • Deadlines:
      • Summer, Fall, and Academic Year Programs - March 1st
      • Winter/Spring Programs: October 1st
      • Deadlines may be flexible - contact to request an extension. 
    •  Do not make any financial commitments to your program until you receive your NSU study abroad acceptance email! 

    • Apply to your study abroad program only after you have received your NSU Study Abroad acceptance email.
    • Make sure to meet their application and deposit deadline(s), which may be different/earlier than NSU's!
    • Confirm your study abroad participation once you receive your program acceptance and are sure you plan to go!

    • Complete all required NSU documents.
    • Attend the NSU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation.
    • Complete all of your program's pre-departure requirements by the listed deadlines.
    • Obtain any necessary immigration documents.

    • Stay in touch and complete all 'while abroad' assignments.
    • Come back and get involved in promoting study abroad to others!


The first step to going abroad is to attend a Sharks Abroad Information Session.

Information sessions are held every Monday and Friday at 12PM in the Office of International Affairs, Located in the Horvitz Building 2nd Floor. No sign up is necessary, just stop in!

In these sessions, we go over everything you need to know about going abroad including:

  • how to find a program
  • types of study abroad 
  • finances and scholarships
  • credit transfers
  • and more!

Come into our office to begin your study abroad journey!


If you can't attend the information sessions above, students may schedule a session with a Sharks Abroad Peer Advisor at! 

After attending a Study Abroad Information Session, our Sharks Abroad Peer Advisors are here to help you with every step of the process!  

Click Here to Make A sharks abroad advising Appointment

What is Sharks Abroad?

We are Nova Southeastern University’s Study Abroad Office. NSU's Sharks Abroad Team is here to help all NSU students explore opportunities to participate in Sharks Abroad programs. Through partnerships with study abroad program providers, faculty-led travel study, and non-credit programs, hundreds of Sharks have visited 6 continents (18% of the world) for memorable experiences.

What types of education abroad are there?

One of the first things to consider when preparing to go abroad is deciding what type of program is right for you.  Whether you choose a Study Abroad Program, Travel Study Program, or Non-Credit Travel Exploration Experience, you will have the option to narrow your search to include unique program components including:

  • Coursework Abroad
  • International Internships
  • Research Abroad
  • Service Learning & Volunteering Abroad
  • International Medical Missions & Medical Shadowing

I am interested in participating in an abroad program. What is the first step?

The first step to becoming a Sharks Abroad participant is to attend a Sharks Abroad Information Session. Information sessions are held every week during the academic year (excludes midterm and finals weeks) in the Office of International Affairs, Horvitz Administration Building 2nd floor. Days and times are on our main website and may change from semester to semester.

Is it possible for students of any major to study abroad?

Yes! Students in ANY major can study abroad. By working closely with the Sharks Abroad Office and your Academic Advisor, students can find programs that will offer the classes they need, including core/ science classes! Even if your academic schedule is very rigorous, you could go abroad for summer instead of a whole semester. 

What are the minimum eligibility requirements to participate in education abroad?

At NSU, you are eligible to study abroad during any semester except your final semester. You must have good academic standing and student conduct. Additional eligibility requirements will depend on the program provider, but for most programs, a 2.5 GPA is the requirement.

Do I have to be a Junior or Senior to study abroad?

Not necessarily. In order to study abroad, you must have completed at least one semester at NSU and be in good academic standing. However, requirements vary by program and you must meet the prerequisites for the courses offered. As of June 2023, Seniors will not be allowed to study abroad during their last semester. If there are any questions about this, please be sure to reach out to learn more about alternative opportunities abroad.

I am an international student. Can I participate in education abroad programs?

Yes, of course! Please keep in mind that visa requirements might be different for you depending on your home country. Additionally, restrictions may apply to students who are participating in an education abroad program in their home country.

I am in a Razor’s Edge/ Honors/ Dual Admit program. Can I participate in education abroad programs?

All students of any program can still study abroad. Each program has recommended semesters and/or summers for its students to study abroad. Students must communicate with their program director their study abroad intentions. 

When can I study abroad? Can I only study abroad once?

Programs are offered for the Fall, Spring/Winter, and Summer semesters. There are even education abroad programs during spring break and winter break as well as full academic year programs. With enough planning ahead, you can study abroad more than once. Some of our former Sharks Abroad Peer Advisors have studied abroad twice!

How do I know what study abroad program is right for me?

Ideally, a program should feel like a match based on your main reason for going abroad. Such as the right courses for a traditional study abroad, or an internship in your area of interest! Through help from our Sharks Abroad Peer Advisors, we can help you narrow down your choices to the right program for you!

I do not speak a second language. Am I limited to study in the UK, Canada, or Australia?

Don’t let the language barrier stop you. Programs offer introductory levels of languages or courses with instruction in English.

Where will I live?

This depends on your program, but the options may include dorms, apartments, homestay, or independent housing.

Will credits from my study abroad program transfer back to NSU?

Before you leave, all courses that you may take abroad go through Transfer Equivalency Services here at NSU to check for credit equivalency. All study abroad credit will come back on your transcript as Pass/Fail and will not affect your GPA.

Is it expensive to study abroad?

Study abroad tuition may actually be less expensive than NSU tuition, depending on where you want to go! There are also external scholarships and financial aid sources that are available for study abroad.

What financial support is available for study abroad opportunities?

Federal aid, state aid, loans, grants, and non-NSU institutional scholarships are eligible for use for study abroad. In order to receive most aid during your study abroad program, you must be enrolled as a full-time student (either registered with at minimum 12 credits for the semester OR minimum 6 credits for the summer). Our office has several materials on scholarships and financial support for students who wish to go abroad. 

How early can I start applying? When is it too late to apply?

You can start the process ASAP. The first step is to visit an information session. While the deadline for your specific program may vary, it is important to always apply FIRST to the NSU Study Abroad Application. The deadline for Summer, Fall, and Academic Year Programs is March 1st, while the deadline for Winter/Spring Programs is October 1st of every year. 

Can I submit my NSU Study Abroad application after the deadline?

Deadlines may be flexible - contact to request an extension.

How can I make a one-on-one appointment with a Sharks Abroad Peer Advisor?

For one-on-one appointments, go to You can customize your appointment with an advisor of similar background or who did the program you wish to attend. 

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