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Service Opportunities for Current Students

Service is one of the core components of the SLCE office. We know that service and leadership go hand in hand when students get involved on campus. Service provides students with an opportunity to expand outside of their comfort zone, learn more about the community at large, and get to know other students. The Student Leadership and Civic Engagement Office works closely with a variety of student-led programs that offer a variety of tools to enhance your service experience. There are opportunities for students to get involved in service including service trips, service projects both on and off-campus, as well as student led organizations. We encourage you to check out the various opportunities to get involved and make the world a better place through service to others.

The SLCE office wants to know about your service hours! Whether you are participating in a service event offered by the office or if you are doing service on your own as an individual or with your student organization, we want to know. Tell us about your experience, how many hours you have done, and what organization you have volunteered with.  For those of you in undergraduate registered student organizations (RSO) this also helps you to obtain IOC funding. Interested in how it can help you can get funding from IOC? Check out the Service Hours Tracking tab to find out more 

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