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Service Hours Tracking

Our office works to help connect students to service opportunities that they are passionate about. We like to keep track of what service our students participate in and how they are helping the NSU and local community. In order to do this, we record the service events that an individual or organization attends.

Service at NSU is defined as: "Active participation in service addressing needs of the community through face-to-face and/or hands on volunteering that addresses a specific social need."

One way we record student’s community service involvement is through SharkHub. Utilizing the SharkHub platform, students have the option to record service experiences through their individual user profiles. These service experiences can also be designated towards a student organization in which you are a member. By logging your service experiences, you have the ability to track your community service involvements during your time as an NSU and our office can see how students are committing their time to make the community around them better. 

As part of your commitment of being a Registered Student Organization, all organizations that wish to be eligible for financial funding from the Inter Organizational Council (IOC) must complete ONE the following:

  • Attend a service event hosted by the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement (SLCE)
    • SLCE service events can be found on our SharkHub portal here

  • Collaborate with SLCE to plan their own service event for their organization
    • Organizations can utilize our office resources to help plan your event or you can use your existing contacts to plan your own service day.
    • Regardless of how you organize the event, your service must be approved by the SLCE office PRIOR to the service event.
    • Each person that attended this service event will then individually log their service hours and select the organization they are apart of in order for the hours to satisfy the requirement

Submitting Service Experiences:

In order to submit service hours, follow the protocol below and include all the necessary information as part of your submission. Your submission will be reviewed by SLCE and approved based on our definition of service. When a submission is accepted, a comment will be provided saying it was approved by SLCE with the initials of our staff.

  • Navigate to SharkHub HERE.
  • Be sure to have the following information ready at the time of your submission:
    • Contact information about your community affiliate, a description of the event, the date and times, and the organization name that the event would count towards
    • Note: The student must be part of the student organization in SharkHub in order for the hours to be designated to that organization
  • Make sure you submit your service hours within 10 days of the service event
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