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SERV Hours

Our office works to help connect students to service opportunities that they are passionate about. We like to keep track of what service our students participate in and how they are helping the NSU and local community. In order to do this, we record SERV hours or the hours that an individual commit to community service.

Service at NSU is defined as: "Active participation in service addressing needs of the community through face-to-face and/or hands on volunteering that addresses a specific social need."

One way we record student’s SERV hours is through SharkHub, where you submit either an individual service hour form or an organization form. Organization forms make it easy for one person to submit service hours on behalf of the entire group. These forms allow our office to record every student’s service hours and for us to see how students are committing their time to make the community around them better.  

As part of your commitment of being a Resident Student Organization, all organizations must complete at least 30 hours of service each semester, in order to be eligible to receive funding. Service hours must be tracked through the use of our forms available on SharkHub.

Submitting SERV Hours:

In order to submit service hours, follow the protocol below and include all the necessary information as part of your submission. Submissions are reviewed on a daily basis and you will notified via email of its acceptance.

  • Navigate to SharkHub HERE.
  • Submit the form within 10 days of service
  • Be sure to have the following information ready at the time of your submission: Contact information about your community affiliate and information regarding all members of your organization that attended the service event (if applicable)
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