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Community Affiliates


We are so excited at your interest in affiliating with NSU’s Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. Our commitment to the community extends far beyond our campus. Community is one of NSU’s Core Values, to that, our community partnerships are integral in the development of students that are empowered and engaged in the communities in which they live.

The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement partners with non-profits (501(c)3 organizations), government agencies and projects/initiatives of for-profit partners that provide service, democratic engagement and community research opportunities for faculty, staff and students. These organizations receive a volunteer pool from NSU that is diverse, thus providing them with a wide range of skills. Partners become co-educators by helping students learn civic values and provide them opportunities to enhance their education.

Why should your organization become a registered community affiliate?

The mission and vision of the SLCE Office is to empower students with leadership and service-based educational opportunities that promote critical and creative-thinking as well as inspire action. 
We cannot do this alone. In fact, the role your organization plays in the community is a critical component of our mission.

In defining affiliation, there are mutual benefits from our work together. Your organization is not simply getting students to work with your organization; you are getting students that are participating with your organization as service-learners. We are both striving to ensure that the work students do with you supplements the academic experience they experience in the classroom. 

Becoming a registered community affiliate with the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement signifies that your organization offers quality community engagement opportunities to volunteers. NSU students, as well as their professors, know that your organization offers a safe environment at which to volunteer and that your mission and aims are in alignment with the highest standards. Registered partners also receive exclusive benefits!


Community Affiliates receive benefits from their partnership with the Office of Student Leadership & Civic Engagement based on the length of their partnership and the level of involvement they choose to have with the office. These levels and their corresponding benefits are broken down into three tiers as shown below. 

Possible Tier Engagement for Community Affiliates
  • Promotion of events and volunteer opportunities through internal campus marketing (Service Newsletter, flyer boards, etc.)
  • Invitation to bi-annual Recruit a Shark Day event at NSU Main Campus
  • Organization contact information posted on SLCE website
  • Access to bi-annual Community Affiliate Newsletter
All the benefits available to Blue level, plus:
  • Spotlight on the SLCE website (inclusive of organization logo, overview and link to website)
  • Invitation to Community Affiliate and Volunteer Reception
  • Opportunity to table on campus (some restrictions apply)

All benefits available to Blue and Grey level, plus:

  • Facilitated networking opportunities with faculty
  • Invitation to Community Affiliate luncheon
  • Guaranteed Day of Service opportunities throughout academic year
  • Opportunities to present on campus once per academic year (some restrictions apply)

Prospective new partners: see Blue level of partnership

Possible Tier Engagement for Community Affiliates




  • Must have Liability insurance & 501c3 or government organization
  • Maintain organization contact information for SLCE website including current volunteer coordinator contact
  • Participate in a formal site visit to your organization, if requested
  • Complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) every year
  • Attend at least one Recruit a Shark Day event per year

All requirements for Blue level, plus:

  • Successfully partner with SLCE for one academic semester at the BLUE level
  • Provide printed and/or electronic materials once per semester or upon request
  • Complete post-Recruit a Shark Day survey

All requirements for Blue and Grey levels, plus:

  • Successfully partner with SLCE for at least one academic year, at BLUE or GREY level
  • Submit bi-annual “Volunteer Impact” report as provided by SLCE office
  • Provide descriptions of volunteer/intern job duties, opportunities and process to apply


  1. Register with SLCE.
    Fill out the required fields and submit your application. SLCE will review your application and contact you. A response to your application can take from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the time of year.
  2. Submission of MOU
    Upon application approval, we will require the submission of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the terms of the partnership.
    “The MOU is an at-will agreement and can be terminated by either party at any time. The Blue-level MOU web page will provide access to our form which you can complete and submit directly through our online system. It will also allow you to view the MOU to review the terms before you decide to partner.  
  3. Official Community Affiliate
    After you have submitted a completed MOU your organization will become an official community affiliate. A copy of this completed form can be downloaded at any time for your records.

Volunteer Recruitment

If you organization is seeking volunteers, SLCE has many volunteer engagement events and opportunities for you to be a part of to find the best volunteers to fit your organization needs. 

Twice a year, the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement co-hosts NSU Recruit a Shark Day, which is designed to give community affiliates and employers a chance to interact with students and to share opportunities to be employed or engaged in the local area to make a difference. This event is traditionally hosted in both September and March of each academic year. 

If you are a community affiliate interested in being part of the Fall or Winter NSU Recruit a Shark Day please contact the SLCE office to speak with a staff member.

Volunteers are very different from students engaged in community-based learning. Volunteers are free to choose where they want to serve and the scope of their service, limited only by interest, time and volunteer requirements set by your organization. Community-based learning students are required to interact in the community as part of their course. Therefore, the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement is seeking the most challenging, interactive and meaningful placements for these students.

What that involves:

The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement primarily partners with community partners that:

  • Can help us to promote the ideals of social responsibility, public service, and/or civic engagement
  • Are non-profit organizations, community/recreation centers, or schools
  • Have a well-defined mission statement or purpose
  • Are located in the Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, particularly in under-served areas,
  • Have an office or a well-defined space where our students will serve (such as a community center, park, school, etc.)
  • Offer meaningful, positive experiences—both educational and social—that will enhance the education of our students and promote our mission
  • Provide a unique experience for student involvement
  • Can provide a contact person to serve as the liaison between the office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement and your organization

Looking for good student volunteers? Please fill out this Volunteer Request Form.

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