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Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program

Application Process

Application Timeline

Applications for the Fall 2020 academic year are currently closed. If you are interested in applying as part of the Fall 2021 class, check back here in Fall 2020 for more information. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact us at or call the office at (954) 262-7179.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students must be entering as a first time in colleges freshman to be eligible for the Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program.

Applicants to the Razor's Edge scholars program should be individuals who have had experience leading and who will continue to do so in the future. Applicants must keep in mind that this is not an emerging leaders program, but rather an experience for already established leaders in high school and throughout the community. Once on campus, Razor's Edge Scholars Leaders are expected to be agents of change in order to increase school pride, involvement and overall success.

There are a total of twenty spots available for each class in the program each year. This number is a maximum, but not a minimum for the number of students accepted into the program annually.

Applications for Fall 2020 are currently closed. Applications for the Fall 2021 class will be available online through the Shark Preview website here in Fall 2020. Interested applicants must submit an online application and register for an in person interview during a Shark Preview Weekend. Weekend dates will be available beginning January 2021.


Shark Preview Weekends are the final step in making the decision on who is a good fit for the program. After applying to the program, applicants will be given options to select one of the available dates. The students are required to come to campus for this part of the process. The weekend begins on a Thursday and will wrap up the following Saturday afternoon. The applicants will have the opportunity to stay overnight on campus and will be participating in group activities along with interviews. Once students arrive into Ft. Lauderdale, all food and housing will be taken care of. Transportation will be provided for students to and from the airport. Shark Preview is the final phase of the application process into the Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars program.

For more information about Shark Preview please go here.

An email will be sent out with the general information about the Shark Preview Weekend. It is important to remember that there is a formal interview that each applicant will attend. Along with this an applicant should bring comfortable clothes for the group initiatives.

During the Razor's Edge Scholars application process, there are three phases.

  • Phase I: Application
    The application is received and review by our staff.
  • Phase II: Shark Preview Weekend
    The applicant has passed the previous phases with strong scores and has been invited to a Shark Preview Weekend. During this phase the student is required to come to campus for an in-person interview.
  • Phase III: Acceptance to the Razor's Edge Scholars Program
    Applicants will be notified by the NSU Office of Admissions and Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement of their acceptance into the Razor's Edge Scholars Program.

On campus there are over 120 clubs/organizations on campus. We have academic clubs, such as the chemistry club or our student government, for the Razor's Edge Leadership students to get involved in. In addition, if NSU does not offer the club you are looking for any student can create their own club as long as they have five members!

Students in the Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program have found that the program creates a family feel that helps with the transition from high school to college. Students in the program participate in fun, interactive, educational, and leadership development retreats prior to school starting. This provides the opportunity for students to adapt to the campus setting, build relationships with new and returning students, and sets the stage for a successful semester and year. It also creates great exposure to the profession world. Every month, we meet as a group and have different topics. This past year we had a variety of professionals speak with us about their professional experience and how leadership plays a role, in and speak to us about their career path. These types of things are very beneficial to us and most other students do not get the same experience.

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