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Premier Programs

Our Premier Programs are designed for the next generation of leaders and influencers, groundbreaking researchers and creative artists, ethical entrepreneurs, and inspiring educators. Whatever you're passionate about, these exclusive opportunities provide open waters for exploring your interests and reaching your goals.

Premier Programs require a supplemental application and an interview during Shark Preview Weekend. You can apply for just about any combination of Premier Programs below.

Please note that Dual Admission applicants must submit SAT and/or ACT scores.


Premier Program Opportunities

As a Dual Admission student, you're reserved a seat in one of NSU's graduate or professional programs while you earn your bachelor's degree. You will also have valuable opportunities to engage with their graduate or professional programs while an undergrad.

For the 2021-22 admission cycle, you may apply for dual admission consideration as test-optional (with or without test scores). If you apply for dual admission without test scores, additional requirements will apply.

Learn more about each Dual Admission Program and application requirements.

Dual Admission Programs:

  • Accounting
  • Anesthesia
  • Audiology
  • Business Administration
  • Clinical Psychology
  • College Student Affairs
  • Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
  • Computer Science
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dental Medicine
  • Family Therapy
  • Law
  • Marine Science
  • National Security Affairs
    and International Relations
  • Optometry
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Real Estate Development
  • School Psychology
Dual Admission Program Welcome

Dual Admission Welcome

Dual Admission Program FAQs

 Dual Admission FAQs


  • Admission to Nova Southeastern University and supplemental Premier Programs application
  • Each Dual Admission Program has its own specific requirements, including GPA, coursework, and more. You may apply for dual admission consideration with or without test scores for the 2021-22 admission cycle. Learn more.
  • Interview during Shark Preview Weekend


  • Reserved seat in a graduate or professional program


The Fischler Academy of Education lets you earn your bachelor's and master's degrees in education in just four years. You'll learn cutting-edge teaching strategies for the modern classroom, go on a free international travel experience with your cohort, and you're guaranteed a job in some of Florida's largest school districts when you graduate.

Learn more about The Fischler Academy of Education.


  • Admission to Nova Southeastern University and supplemental Premier Programs application
  • Demonstrate a history of academic excellence, participation in school-wide organizations, and experiences as a student leader
  • Interview during Shark Preview Weekend


  • $20,000 annual tuition scholarship
  • Free international travel experience
  • Guaranteed job placement in some of Florida's largest school districts upon graduation


Katie Sleboda

Major: Secondary English Education
Year: Junior
Hometown: Providence, RI

"My favorite aspect of being a part of a premier program would be the opportunities I am provided with. Having the opportunities to be a leader, and to become highly involved with my school is phenomenal. Being a part of a premier program makes me feel like I belong to something big. Working with students who share my passions and motives in life makes a higher education worth more than the average person can say."

Q & A with Katie

The Huizenga Business Innovation Academy lets you earn your bachelor's degree and M.B.A. in just four years, so you can build your own business or take on a corporate leadership role faster. Designed for first-time-in-college students, you'll sharpen your skills through an internship, develop a business plan, and operate a student-run business. When you graduate from the Innovation Academy with your M.B.A., NSU will invest $20,000 in your start-up.

Learn more about the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy.


  • Admission to Nova Southeastern University and supplemental Premier Programs application
  • Demonstrate a history of academic excellence, participation in school-wide organizations, student leadership, and work experience
  • First-time-in-college student
  • Interview during Shark Preview Weekend
  • Must major in a Business discipline

Award Amount: 

  • $20,000 annual tuition scholarship for first three years of undergrad
  • 20 percent discount on the M.B.A. in the fourth year


Caleb R. Fell

Major: Finance
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Paducah, KY

"The best aspects of being apart HBIA is that you feel like you’re in a group with others looking at the same goals as you. It’s almost like a family in a way that if you ever need help with a business class there’s many others that are willing to help."


Nalja Miller

Major: Marketing
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Fostoria, OH

"Be yourself during the interview. Don’t overdo it!"


Cameron Bissitt

Major: Entrepreneurship
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Cranston, RI

"The part of HBIA that I like the most is the structure of my classes. Getting a masters and bachelors in four years is unheard of. Another aspect that I enjoy is the networking that I pursue while at distinguished lectures, guest speakers, etc."


Gabriella Seferlis

Major: Finance
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Miramar, FL

"The type of student that would succeed in this program is an innovative and ambitious student who wishes to succeed in the business world. A student that has leadership skills and isn’t afraid to share their thoughts and achieve their goals. They should have a desire to grow and acquire an entrepreneurship mindset to assist them into pursuing their future."


Razor's Edge Scholars offers unique, hands-on experiences inside and beyond the classroom through innovative co-curricular projects and opportunities. These four-year residential programs are a perfect compliment to any career path, ranging from medicine and other health professions, humanities, technology, business, education, and beyond. If you're seeking an extraordinary college experience where you can channel your unique interests and talents, explore our six different Razor's Edge Scholars tracks below. 

Learn more about Razor's Edge Scholars.

You may apply to any two Razor's Edge Scholars Programs.

Razor's Edge Scholars Programs:


  • Admission to Nova Southeastern University and supplemental Premier Programs application
  • As this is a residential program, must live on campus all four years
  • First-time-in-college student
  • Interview during Shark Preview Weekend

Award Amount: 

  • $24,000 annual scholarship
    • $20,000 applied toward tuition
    • $4,000 applied toward room and board


Razor's Edge Global Scholar


Major: Communication
Year: Senior
Hometown: La Libertad, El Salvador

"What I like the most about this program is the doors that Razor’s Edge Global opens for you. Being a part of this program has allowed me to make the most of other opportunities that arise as a result of me being a Global Scholar. An example of this being my internship this past summer, where I worked with the most influential politicians of my country, looking to fight corruption in the government. I landed this internship thanks to my profile as a Global Scholar; a perfect example of the doors a program like this can open for you."


Razor's Edge Leadership Scholar

Andrew Laufenberg

Major: Accounting
Year: Senior
Hometown: Moline, IL

"What I like most about Razor’s Edge Leadership is the connections you make. In REL you are surrounded by a diverse group of individuals that like mindedly want to better the university and themselves."


Razor's Edge Research Scholar

Lorena Hernandez

Major: Exercise and Sport Science
Year: Senior
Hometown: Hialeah, FL

"I love the community aspect of Razor's Edge Research. A lot of times when students arrive onto campus as a freshman it can be quite daunting not knowing anyone and having to start from scratch. Razor's provides me with a friendly face everywhere I go. In class, at events, at the gym, there's always someone I can recognize from the program.

As a research-orientated university, there are countless opportunities to be involved on-campus with many different projects. One of the things that RER does for its students is that they allow and encourage for you to engage in those opportunities from day one. We truly hit the ground running in terms of completing many different projects and getting into the heart of what research truly is. "


Razor's Edge Shark Talent Scholar

English Pollard

Major: Athletic Training
Year: Senior
Hometown: North Lauderdale, FL

"I love that I can not only be a witness to the growing arts program at NSU, but also be a part of the growth. Being given the opportunity to use my love for performing and visual arts to create initiatives and events that allow the NSU community to be involved with the arts is amazing."


Razor's Edge Shark Talent Scholar

Kaeleigh Sturgeon

Major: Theatre
Year: Senior
Hometown: Robbinsville, NJ

"Something I wish I would have known when applying is that it is totally okay if your audition doesn't’t go exactly as planned. I’m a theatre major and I know it can be hard walking out of an audition knowing you messed up a line or just weren't’t feeling the way you performed that day. Honestly, looking back at my audition video, I know I’ve improved a lot since then - which is great! Everyone is always practicing and bettering themselves and Shark Talent gives us the opportunity to do that. The most important part is truly being yourself in the interview and showing how your passion for the arts can contribute to the program and NSU as a whole."


Razor's Edge Shark Teach Scholar

Kassandra Santos

Major: Elementary Education
Year: Junior
Hometown: Hollywood, FL

"Aspects I like the most about being a part of Razor’s Edge Shark Teach Scholars Program is the inclusivity of the diversity within the program. Being a woman of color in this program, I find myself able to have ample space to be heard and seen. Not only do I feel valued as a person, but there is also room for ample opportunities to grow personally and professionally within the program through peer educator roles and activities we do at our retreats and conclaves. In this program, it truly feels like a welcoming family."


The top first-time-in-college students admitted to NSU will be invited to campus to interview for this scholarship program during Shark Preview Weekend


  • Admission to Nova Southeastern University and supplemental Presidential Scholars Premier Programs application (received by invitation only)
  • Determination for interview invitations are made by the Admission Committee and is based on outstanding academic achievement in the classroom and standardized test scores
  • First-time-in-college student
  • Interview during Shark Preview Weekend

Award Amount: 

  • Full tuition
  • Renewable for four years of full-time undergraduate enrollment or degree completion, whichever comes first
  • Not applicable to graduate-level tuition


Additional Academic Opportunities

The Farquhar Honors College is only 1 of 200 Honors Colleges in the nation. The Honors College welcomes students who thrive on intellectual discourse, innovative thinking, and expanding their horizons. You'll gain access to exclusive courses, scholarships, distinguished visiting speakers, individualized mentorship from your faculty thesis adviser, and opportunities to present and publish your research or creative projects.

Learn more about the Farquhar Honors College.


Get to Know the Farquhar Honors College at Shark Preview Weekend

  • The Honors College hosts an information session with the dean and current honors students during Shark Preview Weekend. You can sign up for the information session through the supplemental Premier Programs application, but you must also plan to apply and interview for at least one Premier Program.


  • Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., Dean of the Farquhar Honors College
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