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Emerging Leaders Experience


Emerging Leaders Experience 1

The NSU Emerging Leaders Experience (ELE) is a semester-long experience designed to prepare students to be effective leaders.  We encourage students to participate that are interested in getting involved in the NSU community, want to learn more about themselves, and gain valuable skills to grow their leadership capacities!  ELE meets once a week – student participants can choose the day that works for them, but must consistently attend that day of the program through the semester.

ELE 1 is a 10-week series based on the text Leadership for a Better World - Social Change Model (Komives, Wagner, and Assoc. 2017). This series presents the concept that leadership is a process driven by a group of individuals to create positive change. Students will explore their strengths and weaknesses, group dynamics, managing conflict, inspiring action. Throughout your ten-week experience, students will:

Increase self-awareness regarding their unique strengths, leadership style, conflict style, and values while learning those of their peers.

  • Gain insight into group processes and the diverse ways individuals contribute to a group.
  • Learn how to set goals.
  • Work with a group of committed leaders to
  • Gain skills that will help improve their leadership capacity, effective communication, individual conflict technique
  • Make new friends that share their interest in leadership.
  • Earn "The Emerging Leader 1 Certificate and Recognition Pin" and become part of one of NSU's most prestigious groups.

ELE 1 is offered during both the fall and winter semesters.  Students that wish to participate must complete an online application; participate in the ELE 1 Mandatory Weekly Meeting and ELE Service Day, typically held on Saturday!

Applying to the Program

  • Deadlines vary each semester. Check SharkHub for more details.
  • Click here to sign up for the Emerging Leadership Experience.

Emerging Leaders Experience 2

Once leaders have completed the ELE 1 experience, they can move on to the second leadership program for Emerging Leaders (ELE 2).  ELE 2 is a 12-week series that explores the text Emotional Intelligent Leadership (Shankman, Allen, and Haber-Curran 2015). This series presents the notion that to be a successful leader one must understand their emotional intelligence and the emotional capacity of the members of their organization. Students will explore effective leadership based on emotional awareness in themselves, that of others in their organization, and the context in which the group exists.

  • Gain skills that will help you improve your trust, ego, and fear of conflict
  • Improve methods of communication and accountability
  • Develop a presentation in the area of effective leadership
  • Earn "The Emerging Leader 2 Certificate and Recognition Pin" and have the skills you will need to leave your mark at NSU.

Applying to the Program

  • Eligible applicants must have completed ELE 1.
  • Deadlines vary each semester. Check SharkHub for more details.
  • Click here to sign up for the Emerging Leadership Experience 2.
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