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Student Experience Overview


During their first year, students focus on: DISCOVERY. Throughout the first year in the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Program students focus on discovering their leadership capacities and strengthening them, discovering campus and NSU history, values, and signature events, and discovering others on campus as they build relationships throughout campus.  This discovery is completed both in the classroom in their curricular experience and outside the classroom through their co-curricular involvement.


During their second year, students focus on: BUILD. Throughout the second year in Razor’s Edge, students focus on building on their knowledge of the campus community as well as their knowledge and experiences as leaders on campus.  They continue to build relationships with other students and faculty/staff.  Additionally, they develop a plan in regards to how they individually will impact the campus through building their impact plan, and continue as a cohort to develop their plans to leave a legacy at NSU.


During their third year, students focus on: EXECUTE. During their third year in the program, students take time to execute plans they have developed during their first two years.  These plans consist of their Impact Plans, their roles within student organizations, and overall campus leadership.  As leaders within the Razor’s Edge Lead group they also serve as role models to the other students on how to effectively execute plans and build relationships with students to ensure the NSU community as a whole grows.


During their fourth year, students focus on: MENTOR. As fourth year students in the program, students serve as mentors to younger students throughout campus, as well as mentees with alumni from NSU.  This year is when all individual and cohort based legacies are finished and put into fruition – if not completed prior.  This year provides students with an opportunity to mentor beyond Razor’s Edge as they mentor the Shark Anchor clusters and help drive successful engagement at NSU.

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