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Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program

Scholarship for Leaders

It's a competitive world out there! Today, students seeking to meet their educational, career, and life goals need a competitive advantage. In 2010, the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars program was developed to focus on student leadership and campus vibrancy. The program continues to focus on these areas in an effort to develop leaders who are committed to their community. The program is named after our mascot – Razor the Shark. The Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program gives students an incredible curricular and co-curricular experience that aims to help them gain the knowledge, skills, experience, and attitudes needed to be 21st Century Leaders.

Students in the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars program are part of a four-year leadership development program focused on utilizing what they learn in the classroom to aid in the continued transformation and vibrancy of the Nova Southeastern University community. We know that leadership is an agent of change.  Students in the program develop a sense of community and bring others into the community around them.

Throughout their time in the program students course completion in leadership results in a minor in Experiential Leadership.

The program experience is intentionally designed for student leaders who will be entering college as first time in college freshmen. These students have already demonstrated a commitment to leading and to making an impact both in their schools and local communities. Participants must also have the desire to continuously improve their leadership abilities by learning about leadership in the classroom, applying those lessons, and ultimately taking on leadership roles on campus and beyond. Razor's Edge Leadership participants understand that leadership is not only about one's self, it's also about helping others achieve.

The annual $23,000 scholarship awarded to Razor's Edge Leadership Scholar students includes the following:

Funds Applied To Scholarship Value (per year)
Tuition $19,000
Room & Board $3,500
Declining Balance Meal Plan $500

It's your future to create. Let NSU help you make it great!

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact us at or call the office at (954) 262-7179. 

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