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NSU Safety Statistics

The most important element in the Public Safety program is people. The positive, effective and productive interaction by Public Safety throughout the campus community helps increase understanding, safety and security awareness and good relationships.

Throughout the years the Public Safety Department has consistently rated at the top of student and employee surveys of confidence and effectiveness.

However, the proof is in the results. The threat of violent crime on campus and property crimes is rated minimal in relation to the communities and other educational institution published crime statistics.

Annual criminal incident statistics are delivered to the U. S. Department of Education and the Florida Department of Education and are printed in the Campus Safety Handbook (PDF).

Federal and Local Regulations

In regard to compliance to federal and state legislation affecting universities, NSU Public Safety has been a leader in the industry. NSU was one of the first schools to publish a document entitled "Campus Safety" two years before the requirement for complying with the "Student Right To Know" law as it applies to campus safety. Many other educational institutions have learned from NSU Public Safety how to enact and keep current their own compliance programs.

The Public Safety Department coordinates the following programs:

  • University Safety Program
  • Relationships with state and local governmental regulation and resource agencies
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