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Personal Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Try to stay in well-lit areas.
  • Walk confidently at a steady pace on the side of the street facing traffic.
  • Walk close to the curb. Avoid doorways, bushes, and alleys.
  • Wear clothes and shoes that give you freedom to move.
  • Don't walk alone at night and always avoid areas where there are few people.
  • Be careful when people stop and ask you for directions; always reply from a distance.
  • If you are in trouble, attract help in any way that you can. Scream, yell for help, or yell, "fire!"
  • Keep your head. Stay as calm as possible, think rationally, and evaluate your resources and options.
  • If ever attacked, go to a safe place and call the police. The sooner you make the report, the greater the chances the attacker will be caught.
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