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NSU Emergency Procedures

Medical Help

  1. Call 911 and give emergency personnel the following information:
    • Your exact location (what building, floor, etc.)
    • The type of injury (bleeding, fracture, etc.)
    • Your name
  2. Stay on the line. Police or fire personnel will request that you wait. Help will be sent, then you will be asked for additional information.

Rendering Help to the Injured

  1. Do not move the victim (unless in a dangerous area).
  2. Restore breathing and/or heartbeat (CPR if trained).
  3. Keep others away from the victim.
  4. Stop the bleeding.
  5. Know your own limitations on type of aid to render. Do not overreact!

In the Event of a Fire

  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm
  2. Take residents, class, team, etc. a safe secure distance from the building and keep them together! Be sure all are account for!
  3. Call 911 for the fire department and give them the following information:
    • The exact location of the fire
    • Type of fire (trash can, smoke, flames, etc.)
    • Your name

When a Police Officer is Needed

  1. Phone 911 (if emergency)
  2. Give police the exact location, type of problem (disturbance, vandalism, etc.) and your name
  3. Keep other persons away from the scene
  4. Do not touch or disturb anything
  5. If possible get a description of suspect, vehicle, etc.
  6. Attempt to keep others safe and calm
  7. Call NSU Public Safety
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