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Public Safety Operational Overview

The Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Department is a multi-purpose and multi-functional unit of the department of NSU Facilities Management.

NSU Public Safety is a proprietary security operation composed of University employees with some protection services provided by contractual agencies.

NSU Public Safety is responsible for the following duties and services:


  • Relationship with insurance carriers and loss control agents.
  • Coordination with governmental agencies regulating safety and fire prevention, including fire marshals and law enforcement agencies.
  • Providing the NSU safety program and safety manual.
  • Providing safety instruction, training and comprehensive safety and risk evaluation.
  • Establishing and updating the NSU Emergency Response Manual.
  • Coordinating safety issue handling with the NSU Safety Committee.
  • Investigating and reporting safety accidents, injuries and incidents.
  • Reporting safety accidents, injuries and incidents.
  • Coordinating, facilitating and review of all safety remedies, repair and conditions.


  • Operational management and control of campus locks and keys.
  • Evaluation of security conditions on all campuses and facilitation of cost-effective security resource application to provide protection for persons and property.
  • Positive informative communication to all campus occupants in protection methods through: site evaluation; security audits; personal safety and security training for individuals and campus departments.
  • The "NOVALERT" program. This is a high profile security awareness program. Novalert means instant communication with a Public Safety Officer or Coordinator in the field to obtain information, service or protection. NSU Public Safety utilizes a high-tech, state of the art radio/telephone communication system. This system utilizes a Public Safety Console Operator who is on-duty responsive 24 hours a day at (954) 262-8999.
  • Campus protection and patrol by Public Safety field personnel carefully selected for skills, knowledge and training. Public Safety personnel are CPR and first aid trained and utilizes this expertise frequently regarding campus occupant illnesses and injuries. Although these are usually minor in nature, on occasion some are serious enough for coordination with the HPD Clinic, campus nurses and local EMS caregivers.
  • Public Safety Officers provide close observation and detection in campus parking lots to prevent: violent crime; larceny; auto theft; auto burglary; and other crimes.
  • Public Safety Officers activate facility burglar alarm protection during off-hours, overnight and weekends. Officers also physically inspect every: field; playground; residence hall; common area: storage area; building; modular; parking lot; and classroom to insure proper utilization and protection.
  • Public Safety Officers observe, record and facilitate remedy of safety and security hazards.
  • Officers respond to incidents of crime, disturbance or incident on the campus. Specific and comprehensive investigative reports are prepared by officers to provide for records and future protection planning.
  • Officers control pedestrian and vehicular traffic on campus. They specifically provide assistance at pedestrian crossings for smaller children and during special events for all traffic.
  • Public Safety personnel coordinate with local law enforcement officers in: general patrol effectiveness; incident resolution; crime reporting and investigation; and traffic control.
  • The NSU Public Safety Crime Prevention Officer provides an on-going analysis of threat and crime on campuses. Safety and security lectures are conducted for incoming students and employees on personal and campus protection through employee and student orientation programs. Crime Prevention classes are extended to and utilized by: residential hall residents; student groups; employee groups; and others.


  • The Public Safety Department provides numerous significant services not specifically related to protection.
    • Maintenance oversight and coordination of after-hours repair and service at all campuses. Informational and advisory services to campus students, faculty and visitors.
    • Assistance is provided to the new students and/or family in finding resident halls, admissions and registration offices as well as other campus locations foreign to a newcomer.
    • After-hours and weekend assistance to educators in need of classroom space or equipment.
  • Traffic control for pedestrians and vehicles. Pedestrian traffic control at primary school locations is provided on a daily basis. Special events, sporting events and emergencies require Public Safety Officers to control both pedestrian, vehicle and emergency services traffic.
  • Public Safety Officers secure and alarm dozens of buildings and office facilities each night and unsecure them each workday. Special classes, on and off the main campus, require the PSD officers to open facilities at off-hours and monitor them for proper use. In addition, frequently the Public Safety Officer or supervisor on duty must "trouble shoot" faculty and student needs to insure that the educational objectives are achieved. Every day Public Safety assists faculty and administrators in obtaining classroom space or equipment.
  • The Public Safety Department maintains lost and found articles. Lost items are investigated for ownership and most are subsequently returned safely to the owner.
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