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Public Safety Field Operations

The Public Safety Department field operations group is a uniform force directed by Associate Director of Field Operations Shane Lam.

This group includes:

  • Coordinators (first line supervisors)
  • Public Safety Officers
  • Contract Security Officers (unarmed)

The Public Safety staff is highly trained in life safety, effective security practices and care giving. Training in life safety techniques includes: First Aid; CPR; First Responder; and Blood-borne Pathogens.

PSD officers are initially oriented in a 120 hour Public Safety Orientation Program. On-going refresher instruction and new concepts training courses are given in: communications and relationships; patrol procedures; reporting; investigations; safety; and parking control.

The supervisors for the Public Safety Department - Coordinators - are usually selected and promoted from the ranks of the Public Safety Officers. Continuity of institutional knowledge is enhanced through this development process.

All PSD uniform officers are unarmed, and do not carry weapons (nightstick, handcuffs, and mace). All PSD uniform patrol personnel are trained in crime prevention.

NSU Davie Police

NSU Public Safety Davie Police officers patrol the Fort Lauderdale-Davie campus to support crime prevention, security and safety.

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