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Public Safety General Overview

The Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Department is recognized nationally as an exemplary model for campus safety and security. The protection and service program is a cost-effective example of broad-based crime prevention in the university community.

The NSU Public Safety Department has been featured in several national and international publications and a local television affiliate as an example of progressive campus crime prevention.

Due to the recognized success of the Public Safety program, a number of colleges and universities have been in contact seeking security methodology and technology advice.

Public Safety field personnel are unarmed proprietary employees with support from local police department officers and contract security. Over 50% of the Public Safety Department personnel presently or have been NSU students. This not only increases their personal development and professionalism, but also fosters campus communication, understanding, identification and loyalty.

The NSU Public Safety Department members are recognized as "Protective Care Givers", but are commonly called, "NOVALERT".

The Public Safety Department has a unique communication program:

  • NOVALERT is the name of the Public Safety program designed to provide students and employees 24-hour access to security and safety information, services and emergency response.
  • The Public Safety emergency telephone system is advertised throughout the university community. Emergency telephones are located at strategic locations on campus to provide communication with Public Safety at any time, especially in an emergency. These are "Blue Light" telephones.
  • The Public Safety staff works in conjunction with all emergency and care giving services, including: the police; fire department; emergency services; and other university or community service units.
  • To help boost crime prevention on campus, the PSD staff performs several informational instructions each month to students and staff regarding safety and security.

Public Safety Department leadership includes regionally and nationally recognized protection professionals. Each of the PSD supervisors has completed numerous professional development courses or schools provided by major university and international security societies.

Public Safety Officers are highly trained in life safety and security. Each is certified in First Aid and CPR. Each officer is oriented through an intense 120-hour training program. Regular refresher training is given to staff in patrol, reporting, investigation and in relating to the campus community.

The real test and meaning of the success of the NSU Public Safety Department lies with the university students, faculty and staff. Campus occupants rely on the Public Safety Department to provide a whole range of information, service and protection efforts. The prevailing and consistent confidence in the Public Safety Department is evident not only by virtue of the numerous oral and written commendations to the department, but especially in the safety related confidence students and employees feel on campus.

The most important element in the Public Safety program is people. The positive, effective and productive interaction with all campus personnel helps increase awareness, care giving, understanding and reliability.

The growth projection of the Public Safety Department matches the growth profile of the university. Although the organizational growth has been conservative, the overall effectiveness has been consistently outstanding. The expectation of excellence in safety, security and service will continue with the Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Department.

General Responsibility

The Public Safety Department administers both safety and security for all university campuses and sites. The elements of the department include: Administration; Safety; Field Operations; Locksmith; Parking Control; Physical Security; and Governmental Compliance and Liaison.

Field Operations Uniform Patrol

The Public Safety Department provides uniformed Public Safety supervisor and officer presence, patrol and inspection for: the Oceanographic Center in Dania Beach and the Main Campus in Davie.

Managed Contract Security Patrol

Public Safety has a partnership with Contract Security Companies to provide uniform security officers for a number of campuses and sites.

NSU Davie Police Officer

Nova Southeastern University has a contract with the Town of Davie, which provides for the assignment of Town of Davie community-oriented police officers on a consistent basis at the main campus. In addition to the assigned community-oriented police officers, NSU uses off-duty Davie police officers for daily details at the main campus. These law enforcement officers are supervised by the Davie Police Department in conjunction with the Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Department.

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