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Weather Advisories

Stay Informed

Please update your Personal Emergency Contact Information. To register your information and/or to check and update your existing contact information, please visit When you register, your identification code is your NSU "N" Number, and when prompted to input your phone numbers, please do so without any dashes (e.g., 9542625398). Also, the system now allows you to input multiple phones, texts, and email addresses.

Please monitor NSU's hurricane website here or call 800-256-5065 for the most up-to-date information on campus closings, re-openings and event cancellations. We recommend storing the hotline number in your cell phone so it is readily available when you need it. New information is updated on the hotline and posted on the website as frequently as warranted. Information may also be distributed via email, text messages and social media outlets. In addition, local television and radio will be used to reach those who do not have access to a telephone or to the Internet.

All students, faculty and staff should review their personal hurricane/storm plans and ensure preparedness; you can find additional resources here:


NSU established the NSU CARES fund to help those students and employees who are most in need of assistance. Please consider making a donation or volunteering time to help these individuals return to a sense of normalcy, in what are quite abnormal times. To volunteer to provide assistance to those in need, please email or you can make a donation at

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