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We are 1-NSU - Sharing Some Additional Resources

Issue Date: 03-25-2020


By now you are hopefully adapting to your new working environment. If you haven't already, please be sure to visit the "1NSU Resources" page. Many thanks to the colleges, programs, and faculty who have contributed numerous helpful ideas and suggestions. As a reminder, all faculty are invited to submit their recommendations to "1NSU" at Share with your fellow Sharks!

With the entire higher education community at large adjusting to many first-time remote online learning experiences, I thought it would helpful to share some tips from faculty at various colleges across the country.

Below are some great tips from an instructor at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh!

  • Email your students to remind them that you are still there for them.
  • Repeat some of the lessons you taught in class. Especially for those students who are missing the classroom environment, this will probably help activate their memory of being part of a community and remind them that they are still part of one. For example, in your email you can say something like, "Remember when we talked about this and …"
  • Remember that students have left behind more than just their classes and academics. On both residential and commuter campuses, there are important spaces where students meet and talk about their nonacademic lives -- sports, upcoming concerts, recently discovered shows and so on. Consider creating a community discussion board for them to share what is happening in their lives, especially given the stress, fear and strains in these uncertain times.
  • Let your students know that you are there for them and that if they need help to reach out to you. Let them know that you are (I hope) in touch with counselors or mental health experts that can help them should they need to speak to someone.
  • Most important, ask each of your students how you can help them. The Persian poet Rumi says, "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." Likewise, in times of uncertainty and unknowing, we can create a space where our students' voice and insights can illuminate the path we are carving out for them -- and us.




LEC Instructional Needs Survey

As the Director for the Learning and Educational Center (LEC) I recognize that this is an interesting and challenging time to deliver your course content. With that in mind we want to deliver assistance and information that is not only timely but relevant to you and your instructional needs. The LEC are planning to deliver workshops in the coming weeks to assist you with delivering high quality instruction and would like to gauge your interest in different offerings through a brief 1 minute survey so that we may develop the programming that interests you.


After completing the survey, check out some of the resources that we have recently made available:

LEC Website -
1NSU Resources-
SharkMedia Staff Development Channel –
Instructional Continuity Page -
This Week in the LEC Newsletter Archives -

For NSU Support contact or call 954-262-0070
Canvas Support can be reached at 1-833-879-0862
Zoom Support can be reached at 1-888-799-9666 ext. 2

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