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LEC Faculty Studio



The Learning and Educational Center is pleased to offer a new resource for Faculty to use to create video and audio content to help their courses come alive. Students have come to expect quality video content and the LEC Faculty Studio is a resource for you to use in creating that valuable, personal and engaging content. Our self-service studio is available to all NSU Faculty for filming course welcome videos, course content videos, recordings for voice overs and even podcasts. The Revolution Lightboard allows you to share knowledge while remaining engaged with your students. Our large green screen backdrop can allow you to snap your fingers and be transported to the destination of your choice and put you in the middle of the topic that you are explaining.


We welcome you to use the studio for use cases such as:

  • Welcome Video
  • Course Tour
  • Explain Course Content
  • Illustrate a concept
  • Tutorial Video
  • Record a Podcast
  • Explain a process


Faculty Studio Technology

Technologies available in the Faculty Studio

66’ Lightboard

Professional Studio-quality Lighting

Lapel Microphones


Podcast Ready Quality Microphones

Massive Floor-to-Ceiling Green Screen Background

4K Professional Grade Camera

Confidence Monitor

Editing Station Computer with 2 32 inch 4k Monitors

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

We realize that there may be a learning curve while you acquaint yourself with these tools and to help with that a member of our staff will be on hand to assist you with getting everything set up. 


Faculty Studio Uses



The NSU Learning and Educational Center Faculty studio is home to one of the only Lightboards on campus. This amazing tool allows faculty members to illustrate a concept as they would on a whiteboard without having to turn their backs. The results are truly inspiring. Viewers will continue to feel connected with you while you draw on-screen. No, you won't have to learn how to write backward, our capture equipment is set up in a way that your writing will be flipped horizontally so it will appear as if you are writing backward.

What is a lightboard? 

A lightboard is a transparent whiteboard made of glass with internal lighting to make writing glow. A lightboard allows a presenter to write and draw while maintaining eye contact to deliver their message in a natural and engaging way. Video is filmed through the glass and mirrored so the orientation appears correct to the viewer. (What is a Lightboard? – Revolution Lightboards)



Guide for Using the Lightboard in the LEC Faculty Studio

This guide will walk you through the steps of Using the Lightboard. It takes step by step through locating the camera and plugging it in, to adjusting the lights on the board. While using the lightboard, if you run into any issues, someone from our staff will be there to assist. When you are ready, use the link at the bottom of the page to book your appointment today. 




Green Screen in the LEC Faculty Studio


Made popular initially in feature film production, green screen video allows you to be placed in any location you desire. Why just talk about a location when you can be there. You probably are familiar with green screen video as it operates similar to the way that virtual backgrounds work in Zoom. Backgrounds can be still images or can even be video. 


Instructions for Filming Green Screen Video in the LEC Faculty Studio

In-Classroom Equipment


The LEC Faculty Studio features equipment similar to the equipment found in the classrooms across campus. In the studio, you try out using any of the following equipment:


  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
  • In-Ceiling Microphone
  • Basic Touch Screen Extron Control Unit
  • Desktop PC

Book a time to use the LEC Faculty Studio

The studio is available by appointment only.  Please visit our Bookings page to make an appointment today. 

LEC Faculty Studio Bookings


DeSantis Building on a Campus map

The LEC Faculty Studio is located on the Main Campus of NSU in the Carl DeSantis building in room 3025.


If you have any questions about the studio please contact


Important Note: The LEC Faculty Studio is for faculty use and not available for student use. If you are a faculty member and are creating content involving students as actors please book the appointment when you can be present. If you are a student we recommend checking with your respective library or the Alvin Sherman library to use recording resources available there such as the Ann Porterfield Digital Media Lab.


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