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The Learning and Educational Center


Welcome to the Learning and Educational Center (LEC). The purpose of the LEC is to facilitate faculty professional development resources that focus on effective student-centered teaching principles and practices, innovative course and curriculum design, supportive faculty mentoring and intercultural competency, thus promoting quality continuous improvement of student learning. The LEC serves as an innovative pedagogical hub where faculty from diverse disciplines can connect and learn from one another while promoting a culture of excellence which ultimately enhances student learning.

The Learning and Educational Center (LEC), in collaboration with other NSU colleges and centers offers programs, resources, and services to encourage, enhance, foster, and reward the scholarship of teaching and learning at Nova Southeastern University.  The LEC is committed to promoting, supporting, and celebrating quality and excellence in teaching by building a sense of community and a culture of connectivity. 

The goals of the LEC are aligned with NSU’s mission and core values by promoting quality teaching with evidence-based faculty development opportunities and related academic initiatives.


Goal 1 (Academic Excellence) - promote quality teaching excellence through the implementation of recurring workshops, certifications and events that connect Best Practices directly to NSU’s wide continuum of curricula and teaching needs.


Goal 2 (Student Centered) – enhance the culture of teaching which in turn will focus on increasing academic quality and ultimately student success.


Goal 3 (Integrity) - support effective best teaching and assessment practices and policies that involve honesty, fairness, and consistency of instruction.


Goal 4 (Innovation) – promote pedagogical innovation between and among Faculty through technologies such as mobile apps, websites, university-wide forums, symposia, roundtables, seminars on teaching strategies, styles, and other methods.


Goal 5 (Opportunity) – support a wide array of recurring workshops connecting Best Teaching Practices directly to Student Learning Outcomes and connecting faculty with just the right resources.


Goal 6 (Scholarship/Research) – committed to professionalizing faculty development while advancing the practice of teaching.


Goal 7 (Diversity) – support the faculty development of classroom environments that acknowledge and benefit from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives while diversifying the scope of faculty development.


Goal 8 (Community) - serve as a center where faculty can connect and learn from each other, excelling in the latest teaching practices and strategies used to enhance the culture of teaching.

The LEC uses a competency framework to communicate what knowledge, skills, and attitudes we value in our faculty, staff, and administrators who serve in the role of educating our students. 
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