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The instructional design department uses a service and team approach to assist faculty in creating courses by developing, designing and promoting the use of a variety of technologies in online, blended, and face-to-face academic settings. Below are some of our general services, work samples, and resources.

Instructional Games

Instructional designers utilize eLearning software to develop template-based or custom interactive games (for example creating an interactivity from a paper test)

Course Design and Development

Instructional designers work with faculty and staff to develop online courses, training materials, presentations, orientations, instructional videos following the Quality Matters (QM) standards. 

Instructional Design Workshops

The instructional design team will conduct workshops and work with faculty and staff to incorporate universal design principles and effective online teaching strategies.

Educational Media/Video

In partnership with our multimedia department, we can produce videos, voice-over recordings, tutorials, screencasts, welcome videos, etc.


When developing assessments, instructional designers may use Respondus or Canvas. Instructional designers will be able to assist with designing formative, summative, and authentic assessments that will help measure student achievement or mastery of the course learning objectives.

Instructional Design Consultation

Meet with us and discuss improving existing courses or developing new courses, discuss Best Practices of ID, Integrating New Technologies, New Projects, etc.

Special Projects

Examples: Design and develop presentations, orientations, and departmental training projects, convert in-person trainings to eLearning content, custom interactions, etc.

Custom eLearning Projects

Lesson Example

This award-winning lesson includes multimedia, practice activities, and social media components. Observe how instructor videos are embedded throughout the lesson.

Orientation Example

The is an example of a new employee orientation with avatars, multimedia components, and locked navigation to prevent users from skipping ahead.

Game Example

This interaction is a custom-built identification game that serves as a study aid for students.

PowerPoint-based Lesson Example

This example demonstrates how a typical PowerPoint presentation can be transformed into an interactive learning experience for students. 

Template-based eLearning Projects

Jeopardy Game 

Students can test their knowledge on various subjects and categories with this classic game. 

Millionaire Game

This brainteaser is a great way to challenge students and is equipped with lifelines just like the popular television show. 

crossword puzzle example

Crossword Puzzle

The crossword puzzle game is an excellent way for students to build their vocabulary and problem solving skills.

Software Information

To get an idea of what is possible with some of our top eLearning tools, review the software resource links below.


Getting Started with Web 2.0 and Social Media

Getting Started with Web 2.0 and Social Media

In the video "Getting Started with Web 2.0 and Social Media", Instructional Designers introduce the concepts of Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, and Social Media, and demonstrate specific ways you can leverage these tools to enhance student engagement and success in your courses.

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