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What exactly is personal insurance?

Very simply, personal insurance is coverage that can benefit you and your family if one of you becomes injured or seriously ill, has an accident, or needs legal assistance.

Review the personal insurance options available below, and feel free to contact the independent representatives directly if you have any questions about how personal insurance can benefit you and your family. 

Personal Insurance Options

Aflac Personal Insurance

Aflac coverage is available to complement your current benefits and fill gaps in coverage.  Full policy benefits are payable regardless of other coverage at NSU.

For more information or to request the initial disability claim form, contact your independent representative, Joe Evans by calling 954-560-6000 or emailing

Download the Alfac Personal Insurance Summary PDF

Download the Aflac Short Term Disability Claim Form PDF

LegalShield and IDShield

LegalShield was founded in 1972, and currently provides services to more than 3.5 million individuals throughout the United States and Canada.  Enrolled members can talk to a lawyer on any personal legal matter, no matter how big or small, all without worrying about high hourly costs.

LegalShield has provided identity theft protection since 2003 with Kroll Advisory Solutions, the world’s leading company in ID Theft consulting and restoration. With IDShield provided by LegalShield covered employees can take advantage of their expertise in safeguarding and restoring your identity.

For more information, contact your independent representative, Kelley Kaupas-Rheault, by calling 954-214-0327 or emailing 

More information about LegalShield is available online at

Download the LegalShield Summary of Services PDF

Elect LegalShield any time during the year!

LegalShield coverage can be changed at any time during the year.
Watch the YouTube video tutorial to find out how!

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