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Employee Wellness at NSU

Education. Support. Empowerment. These three components are critical to the success of the Employee Wellness Program as we endeavor to help the NSU Community make healthy lifestyle choices while taking a proactive approach to personal well-being.

The Employee Wellness Program provides resources and educational opportunities focused on the complete integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical well-being are all considered in our holistic approach to wellness.

Programs and Activities at NSU

Check here frequently for highlights about upcoming Wellness Programs and Activities scheduled across all of our campus locations at NSU.

Is your College or Department interested in hosting a Wellness Seminar or Program on-site?

Request a Wellness Seminar or Program Using our Online Form.

Already have a Wellness Seminar or Program scheduled at your College or Department?

Wellness Activities at a Glance
BlueRewards powered by Rally

BlueRewards powered by Rally is a Wellness Incentive program provided by ICUBA and available to employees and their spouse or domestic partner when both are covered under a medical insurance plan at NSU. Access is easy on your computer or internet enabled mobile device. Do you Rally?

Through Rally, eligible members can earn Wellness Incentives redeemable for gift cards to online retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Macy's! Eligible members also accumulate coins by starting and completing Rally Missions and Virtual City Challenges. Coins can be used for merchandise discounts, auctions, and can even be donated to charity!

Download the Rally Wellness Incentive Program Summary

If you are having issues with Rally Incentives that have not posted to your account? If so, please submit our online Wellness Incentive Resolution Form. A member of the Benefits and Wellness team will contact you if additional information is required. 

Rally Incentives at a Glance
Access to FREE ICUBAcares Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits or services NSU employees covered under a medical insurance plan through ICUBA have access to at no additional cost!

  • Blue Distinction Total Care for primary care doctor's office visits are always FREE.

  • Medically necessary routine labs performed at Quest Diagnostics are always FREE.

  • Annual Wellness exams are always FREE.

Free ICUBAcares Benefits at a Glance

Use the ICUBA Benefit Portal to Access Rally!

Employees can use the ICUBA Benefits Portal for quick access to their Rally program!

  1. Login to the ICUBA Benefits Portal at
  2. Click on the link labeled "BCBS MyHealth Toolkit Portal" under the My Carrier Accounts section.
  3. Click on the link labeled "Rally" in the Quick Links section.

 All that's left is to do is complete your Rally survey and start earning those coins and wellness incentives!

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