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Our Staff

Each department table can be sorted by clicking on one of the column headers. All phone numbers begin with (954) 26

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Robert Pietrykowski Vice President 27893 Email Robert Pietrykowski
Renee Venezia Executive Director 27864 Email Renee Venezia
Jennifer Barrett Executive Assistant 27871 Email Jennifer Barrett
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Arnetta Pierce Director, Strategic Business partners 27837 Email Arnetta Pierce
Renee Loforte Senior HR Strategic Business Partner 27881 Email Renee Loforte
Faustine Waryjas Senior HR Strategic Business Partner 27898 Email Faustine Waryjas
Maggie Desolomme HR Strategic Business Partner 27842 Email Maggie Desolomme
Ximena Fonseca HR Strategic Business Partner 27841 Email Ximena Fonseca
Lometa Campbell Administrative Coordinator II 27872 Email Lometa Campbell
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Maria Pinto Managing Director, Employee Relations 27883 Email Maria Pinto
Courtney Askari Senior Employee Relations Consultant 27801 Email Courtney Askari
Yatzie Brown Senior Employee Relations Consultant 27839 Email Yatzie Brown
Marcia Tippenhauer Administrative Support Lead, Employee Relations 27850 Email Marcia Tippenhauer
Amee Aziz Administrative Coordinator II 27870 Email Amee Aziz
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Karen Aguilar Cerrato Director 27864 Email Karen Aguilar Cerrato
Maria Nachmann Tomattis HRIS Manager 27876 Email Maria Nachmann Tomattis
Ana Lozano Business Systems/Data Analyst II 27815 Email Ana Lozano
Bernie Erdmann HR Analyst III 27874 Email Bernie Erdmann
Kathy Shaffer HR Analyst II 27885 Email Kathy Shaffer
Eileen Rodriguez HR Analyst I 27889 Email Eileen Rodriguez
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Karen Aguilar Cerrato Director 27864 Email Karen Aguilar Cerrato
Lauren White Shared Services Supervisor 27859 Email Lauren White
Vanessa Barcos Shared Services Representative II 27865 Email Vanessa Barcos
Erika Major Shared Services Representative I 27853 Email Erika Major
Timeka Franklin Shared Services Representative I 27861 Email Timeka Franklin
Jeanie Francois Shared Services Representative 27896 Email Jeanie Francois
Laura Torres Shared Services Representative 27899 Email Laura Torres
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Diane Emery Managing Director 27873 Email Diane Emery
John Lapham Director, Compensation 27840 Email John Lapham
Joshua Appelt Manager, Employee Benefit Programs 27884 Email Joshua Appelt
Douglas Pachay Sr. Retirement Plan Administrator 27811 Email Douglas Pachay
Patricia Shim Benefits Specialist 27854 Email Patricia Shim
Ivan Resende Sr. Compensation Consultant 27882 Email Ivan Resende
Milagros Vallenilla Sr. Compensation Consultant 27848 Email Milagros Vallenilla
Kimberly Schaefer Compensation Analyst 27856 Email Kimberly Schaefer
Jenny Fernandez-Quevedo Compensation Analyst 27860 Email Jenny Fernandez-Quevedo
Ronenia Jenkins Employee Wellness Program Administrator 27879 Email Ronenia Jenkins
Luis Bartlett-Navarez Benefits Representative 27825 Email Luis Bartlett-Navarez
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Jonathan Harrison Director of Learning and Organizational Development 27869 Email Jonathan Harrison
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