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Retiring or Separating Service

Whether you are leaving NSU to pursue new opportunities or retiring to enjoy South Florida's sunny beaches, there are a few things you should know about your benefits once your employment ends. Below you'll find information and resources to help you navigate your benefits when separating service from the university.

Remember, if at any time you have questions just email, we're here to help!

Once a Shark, Always a Shark!

Lifelong Learning Institute Retiree Discount

Retired from NSU?  Now it is your time to pursue knowledge at the Nova Southeastern University Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI), where learning never stops! 

Stimulate your brain with lectures taught by professors and experts in history, politics, music, science, world culture, and much more! visit them on the web at Lifelonglearning. 

NSU retirees receive a 10% discount off the regular LLI rates.

For more information, to register in person, or to receive a private registration link reserved for NSU retirees, call 954-262-8471 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

When do my NSU benefits end?

Most of your benefits will end at midnight on the last day of the month during which the termination occurs. You will be billed for the full month's premiums. Income Protection coverage (basic and voluntary life/AD&D, disability) ends on the date of termination.

After separating from service, you will receive correspondence from ICUBA's COBRA administrator, Ameriflex, and from the Office of Human Resources, so please make sure you update your mailing address prior to your last date worked. 

How do I continue benefits under COBRA?

Notification for eligibility to continue coverage under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) will be sent to you via US Mail within 14 days of your last date of employment directly from ICUBA's COBRA administrator.

Continuation of coverage under COBRA is retroactive but not seamless. Continuing insurance under COBRA is retroactive from your date of eligibility once you make an election and pay your premium, but you may experience a gap in coverage until your premium is paid. 

Download the 2023-2024 COBRA Premium info Sheet

Download the 2024-2025 COPBRA Premium info Sheet

COBRA Questions? Contact ICUBA's COBRA Administrator.

PO BOX 2079
Omaha, NE 68103-2079
Phone: 866-377-5102, Option 1
Can I enroll in Marketplace Coverage?

Employees separating from service at NSU may also be eligible to enroll in medical insurance through a public or private marketplace exchange.

Enrollment through the marketplace exchange is permitted under the following circumstances:

  • Within the first 60 days after losing coverage due to a loss of employment
  • The exhaustion of eligibility for coverage under COBRA (typically after 18 months)
  • During any ACA annual open enrollment period which begins each November. 
For more information visit the public marketplace exchange online at,  or ICUBA’s private marketplace exchange available at
Health Coverage Options

Starting April 1st, 2024, ICUBA will discontinue its ICUBA Retiree plan. Moving forward, retirees will have two options:

  1. Enroll in a Medicare plan: After retirement, you can enroll in a Medicare plan. To explore your options, visit Medicare's website or contact SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) at 954-745-9779 or via email at for free and confidential one-on-one assistance regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance inquiries.

  2. Enroll in an ICUBA Medicare Supplemental Plan from AmWINS: Upon retirement, you can opt for an ICUBA Medicare Supplemental Plan from AmWINS, offering supplemental Medicare coverage at a reduced cost. You can review or download their coverage package here. Rates will be effective starting April 1st, 2024.

If you are currently enrolled in the ICUBA Retiree Plan, your coverage will cease on March 31st, 2024. For further details, please contact the benefits department at

Where can I get a certificate of creditable coverage?

ICUBA and their administrators will provide you with a certificate via US Mail automatically within a reasonable amount of time after a losing coverage. 

If you have separated from service or retired and find you need a certificate of creditable coverage, you can request one from ICUBA by phone at 866-377-5102 or by email at

Can I continue my life insurance plan?

If you are no longer eligible for coverage under the group life insurance policy, or you lost a portion of your coverage due an Age Reduction Schedule, you (and/or your covered dependent(s)) may be eligible to continue coverage via conversion to an individual life insurance policy.

If you wish to convert your coverage, please call Lincoln Financial at 1-800-423-2765, Option #1, to receive a quote. When you call, please have the following information ready:

  • The Employer section completed by your employer
  • Social Security Number(s)
  • Names and addresses for all parties eligible to convert

Please note you must apply for Life Conversion within 31 days from the date of loss of coverage.

What happens to my retirement plan after separation?

If you terminate employment for any reason other than death, disability, or normal retirement, you will be entitled to receive the “vested” portion of your account balance.

  • If your vested account balance exceeds $5,000, you must consent to any distribution before it can be made.
  • If your vested account balance does not exceed $5,000, then a distribution of your account balance may be made to you. A 30-day notice will be sent to you, providing you with distributions options. If an election is not made within the 30-day window, your funds will be paid out in a lump sum payment.

You may be able to choose from the following distribution options:

  • Single Lump-sum Payment: Taxable in the tax year in which you take the distribution unless it is rolled over to a qualified plan.
  • Partial Distribution: Of at least $1,000.
  • Installments: Over a period of not more than your assumed life expectancy.
  • Leave Money as is: You may leave your account untouched until the age of 72 at which time you will be required to take Minimum Required Distributions (RDMs) annually.
  • Annuity: Single life or joint & survivor

For more information, please contact the benefits department at or TIAA directly at 800-842-2252 to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your best suitable options.

What about benefits like LegalShield?

Voluntary benefits such as LegalShield may be converted to individual policies. Please contact the providers directly if you would like to arrange for individual coverage.

LegalShield participants should contact Kelly Rheault at 954-214-0327.

Keep in Mind

If you terminate employment on or before March 31, 2022, your benefits at NSU end on your last day of employment. If you terminate employment on or after April 2, 2022, most of your benefits at NSU will end on the last day of the month during which you terminate. Income Protection coverage (basic and voluntary life/AD&D, disability) ends on the date of termination.
Electing coverage under COBRA or an ICUBA Retiree Health Plan is possible after your separation from NSU. You will have a gap in coverage until you make an election and submit premium payment to ICUBA’s COBRA or Retiree Health Plan administrator. 
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