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Space Layout Safety

A spacious, well planned area is the first step in preventing common types of accidents and injuries. Foot traffic should flow easily around and through offices, desks, equipment and machines. Make sure all exits are clearly marked and make sure all passageways are clear of obstacles.

Walkways and doorways should not be blocked by furniture and equipment. The goal is an unobstructed view around file cabinets, partitions, corners and passageways.


Chairs should remain firmly on the floor. Check that all caster wheels are secure and that all support legs are sturdy.

Try to encourage all employees to open only one file cabinet drawer at a time. When setting up new files, the heavier items should be stored toward the bottom of the cabinet if possible.

Office Equipment

Good housekeeping is plain common sense. One does not need intensive training to recognize at first glance weather or not the housekeeping personnel are doing an adequate job. Cleanliness and orderliness are basic for good fire safety and a safe work environment.

Be aware of aisles clogged with materials waiting to be processed and the haphazardly placing of materials on top of file cabinets. Bookcases should be secured to the wall to prevent any tipping.

Any throw carpets that are the personal property of employees and have been brought in and are placed within offices must have edges taped or anchored so as to avoid tripping.

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