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Electrical Equipment Safety

Make sure that all electrical equipment is properly grounded. Inspect electrical equipment regularly for frayed or worn cords. Exposed wires can cause a serious safety hazard. If there are any wires that you can see that are visually exposed report this situation immediately and disconnect the offending wire or plug. Under no circumstance should there be a surge suppressor power strip plugged into another surge suppressor. Also there should never be an extension cord plugged into a surge suppressor power strip. These conditions are a fire hazard and are against the City of Davie fire code. Please remedy the situation if you find a plug configured in this manor.

  • All electrical panels must be free from obstructions and have the proper amount of clearance around them to prevent overloading or fire. All electrical boxes should have the covers attached.
  • All extension cords or computer cords and networking devices must be placed under desks or along baseboards. If they must cross a pathway they must be covered under plastic floor runners.
  • Machines should be turned off when not in use.
  • Electrical receptacles must have safety guards attached preventing children six (6) years and under from placing foreign objects into the plug, i.e. Forks, paperclips, ECT.
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