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Material Handling and Storage Safety

All flammable materials are to be in approved containers and secured in proper storage cabinets. All containers should be clearly marked. In areas where children and handicapped persons are present, cleaning or other toxic hazards should be removed and secured.

All toxic chemicals or other dangerous materials should be stored in approved containers and locked in proper storage rooms of cabinets.

Extreme care should be taken to ensure that corrosive materials are separated from oxidizing chemicals in labs due to the potential explosive effect.

High pressure compressed gases such as helium cylinders or similar cylinders utilized in trigas welding operations should be kept where they will not be knocked over and should be chained or restrained to keep them from falling. Portable cylinders generally will have either cylinder caps or collars designed to protect the container valve from being broken off or damaged. Users should keep these cylinder caps in place at all times except when the container is in service.

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