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Healthful Environment Safety

Adequate ventilation is a must, as it clears stale air and promotes alertness. Be observant for ceiling tiles having stained marks due to water leakage. These are to be replaced immediately due to the possibility of mold. Be observant of dirty tiles in the are of ceiling vents which could indicate that the air filters need to be cleaned.

  • In labs, activate fume hoods when working with any chemicals. The vacuum effect created by the active hood will dissipate any hazardous fumes from the lab environment. There is no storage of any type permitted under the fume hood when not in use.
  • Eating and drinking in the labs is prohibited. There is to be no mixing of personal food and lab specimens in lab refrigerators. Chemical refrigerators must be locked at all times.
  • Employee break areas should be kept clean and orderly.
  • Check washrooms for condition and cleanliness.

In areas where hazardous substances may be used, especially in the workplace, an inquiry must be made to ascertain if there is a written hazard communication program dealing with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and labeling of container contents. MSDS sheets are to be made available for each hazardous substance used and must not be locked in a room or cabinet. The MSDS sheets must be made available to anyone working in the area.

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