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NSU Safety Committee

Administered through the Office of the Vice President for Facilities Management, the Safety Committee assists the university in providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, and staff members. The committee accomplishes the mission by making recommendations to the university through the Department of Public Safety for improving safety and security.

All employees should be aware of ways they can eliminate or minimize hazards within their work environment. The Safety Inspection Guidelines that are used by the committee during their yearly inspections are here for your review and use. You can help to reduce the risk of an accident or an injury in your work area.

Please contact Facilities Management at ext. 28845 if you need assistance.

Safety Inspection Guidelines

The Safety Committee's Safety Inspection Program emphasizes the importance of safety to all faculty, staff and students that share our great campus.

The Safety Inspection Guidelines concentrate on identifying unsafe conditions and/or deficiencies in buildings and structures related to current building codes and standards.

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