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Emergency Notification and Fire Safety

Check for posted announcements on bulletin boards regarding emergency procedures and "Novalert" contact announcements. All telephones should have "Novalert" stickers applied which offers the emergency numbers to be called.

In laboratories safety test by flushing eye wash stations and emergency showers.

Check in laboratories to insure that fire extinguishers are current and the lab in question is equipped with emergency fire blankets.

Fire Safety

All exit ways must be clearly marked and always accessible. Boxes and or files should never be stored in approach areas to exit doorways.

Check all EXIT signs for illumination and if installed battery back up. Check emergency lighting by pressing the red "test" button located on the side or underneath the EXIT sign in question.

Check all fire extinguishers: one extinguisher per 3000 square feet or fifty (50) linear feet if obstructed. Check the extinguisher for pressure-indicator needle should be in the green or white "charged" zone. Check for date last charged or inspected. Most extinguishers expire one year from date stamped or punched on the tag attached to the extinguisher. Any fire suppression system, commonly found in Kitchens above stoves and halon systems expire six (6) months from date punched.

Paper decorations in a single room may cover no more than 20% of the wall space of a room. No paper decorations are allowed to be mounted in an exit way unless a certificate has been shown that it has been sprayed with a fire retardant or the display was made with fire retardant material.

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