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NSU Facility Leasing - Outside Group Procedures

  • All outside groups must fill out an online Facilities Request Form
  • Outside groups must submit requests 2 weeks prior to date of event
  • After the Facilities Request Form is completed it arrives by e-mail and is then reviewed for approval
  • Outside groups must use Chartwell's Catering unless the food conflicts with any religious/cultural norm, then the group must be approved prior to the event by Chartwell's
  • There will be a $100 fee if an individual/group fails to inform Facilities within 5 business days that they will not be able to attend after the contract has been faxed/e-mailed to them
  • Below is a list of items prohibited but not limited to when leasing the facility to Outside Groups:
    • Personal parties/Get together
      • Birthday
      • Bar Mitzvah
    • Weddings / Reception
    • Religious Events
    • Politically Related Events
    • Ongoing events
    • Fundraisers
    • Gambling
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Outside Catering
    • Classes already offered by NSU (Conflict of Interest)
    • Filming (Unless Approved)
    • Groups larger than the facility can accommodate
    • Cooking in the Facility
    • Use of candles


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