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Title: Interactive Videos: What Are They and How Can I Make One?  anymir_orellana.jpg

Presenter: Anymir Orellana, Ed.D., Professor, Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice


In an interactive video, the learner actively engages with the content within the video itself. The viewer interacts with various video elements that prompt them to take action while watching. In this session I will introduce, show examples of, and present tools available in SharkMedia (Kaltura) for creating interactive videos. The audience will discuss ideas, opportunities, and challenges for interactive videos in their classes. 

 Learning Outcomes:  

  • Identify characteristics and elements in interactive videos. 
  • Discuss factors to consider when creating interactive videos. 
  • List main Kaltura features to create interactive videos. 
  • Discuss ideas, opportunities, and challenges for interactive videos for learning. 
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