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How to Create a Video Quiz in SharkMedia

Issue Date: 03-15-2019

Do you know if your students are paying attention to the video that they consume in your course? SharkMedia (Kaltura) and Canvas can be combined to deliver the ability to pause a video and have students answer multiple choice questions. This interactive tool can increase students’ engagement with the media that you share, and allows you to gauge their understanding of the media that you are sharing. The scores on the In-Video quiz can be added as assignments to the Canvas Gradebook. With In-Video quizzing you have the ability to provide hints to students, as well as an explanation about the rationale of the correct answer. Increase the engagement with the video content that you share and start adding questions to your videos today by following the directions below.

Step-by-step instructions to create a video quiz:

1. Create an Assignment.

Create an Assignment

2. Set up the Point Value in Gradebook.

3. Set the Submission Type to External Tool, click on Find.

Set Submission Type


4. Select Kaltura Video Quiz.

Configure Tool


5. Click on the “Add New” button and select “Video Quiz” from the dropdown menu.

Add New

6. Select the video for the quiz.

Select the Video for the quiz


7. Click on the black triangles under the quiz to edit the settings for “details”, “scores” and “experience”.

Video Quiz Edit Settings


8. “Multiple Choice” is chosen by default.

9. Start playing the video and pausing it where you need to add the question OR directly move the slider on the timeline if you know exactly where the video needs to stop for the question.

10. Click on the multiple-choice icon. The question editing window is displayed.

Editing Window


11. Add a question and the answers. Click on the white “+” hexagon to add more answers. The answer with the check on the right side is the correct answer. Click on the shuffle icon to choose the correct answer. After you finish creating the question, save it.


Add a question


12. Repeat the steps of 9-11 to complete all questions.

Repeat Adding Questions

13. Click on “Done” button on the top right if the quiz is completed.

14. If you need to go back to edit the quiz, click on the “Edit Quiz” button.

Edit The Quiz

15. Click on the question icon Question Icon on the timeline to select the question you need to edit. After editing the question, you save it again.

16. Click on “Done” button again to complete the quiz.

17. Click on “Save and Embed”.

Save and Embed

18. The Configure External Tool window shows. Click on “Select”.

Configure External Tool


19. Save this assignment. The video quiz is ready.

Sample of Welcome message when quiz is created


Tags: Canvas, Assessments and Assignments

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