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Lazy Texts


Lazy Texts is an integrated application that allows you to create a daily customizable text message reminder with all your important upcoming due dates.

NSU has just partnered with Lazy Texts to provide their services to all our students. Sign up and spread the word to your peers! Sign up for Lazy Texts at!

Lazy Text offers Text support of all students. Just text here to receive help: (954) 603-4733


Registration and Activation:


Step 1: Student visits

 Step 1 Lazy Texts


Step 2: Student clicks Sign In/Sign Up which brings them to

 Step 2 Lazy Texts


Step 3: Student creates account by entering phone number and completing one time password verification. Once completed, student will be activated and brought to

 Step 3 Lazy Texts


Step 4: Student will begin to receive their daily text reminder of important upcoming due dates. Our texts are proven to be the most effective and reliable way of notifying students!

 Step 4 Lazy Texts


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