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Information Security

The Information Security Department, within the Office of Innovation and Information Technology, has the responsibility for assuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of NSU Florida's data.

The department works in collaboration with all colleges and schools within NSU to ensure that policies and procedures are appropriate and that faculty and staff are aware and complying.

A great resource for staying informed about the latest in security including social engineering, ransomware and phishing attacks is from NSU's cybersecurity training partner, KnowBe4:


In response to the October 2023 conflict in Israel, there has been a noted increase in online disinformation/misinformation activities, as well as subsequent use of such disinformation/misinformation to drive cybercrime activities.  The resource below has been developed specifically to help identify known disinformation/misinformation activities associated with the Israel/Hamas conflict.

Security Awareness Videos


Password Management Demo | Access on Vimeo


Pretexting Demo | Access on Vimeo


Please click on the links below to view our security awareness videos:

Video screenshot with text stating, "Never use the same password you use to log into your NSU email on other websites."

Security Awareness Video Series: Password Safety


Video screenshot with text stating, "Be wary of any email that attempts to scare you into clicking a link or opening an attachment."

Security Awareness Video Series: Phishing and Spam

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