Release Notes

  • New Integrations for Employees: Human Resources
    • What are my health/vision/dental benefits?
    • What are my retirement plans?
  • New Integrations for Employees: Payroll
    • When is my next pay date?
    • How much PTO do I have left?
  • Updated Student Integration: Class Schedule
    • Changed to show a list of classes and their meetings.
  • ServiceNow knowledgebase articles will now be automatically indexed in Julies Knowledgebase.
  • Non-student accounts will no longer show insights that are only relevant to students.
  • Front-end can now be dismissed by the user.
  • Front-end has had several silent changes to remove bootstrap classes.
  • GPT context will now understand more about the user when they ask a question.
  • Several Analytics points have been added, including:
    • User Student/Employee/Faculty Status
    • (If Student) Major and Degree
    • (If Student) Campus and School
    • (If Employee) Department and Job Title
    • (If Faculty) Number of classes currently taught
    • Integrations Used

  • Removed initial messages based on user feedback
  • Added generative AI
  • Updated Julie’s welcome message
  • General bot fixes/stability

What is Generative AI

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence in which models are trained to generate new original content based on natural language input.


Generative AI FAQ

No, Julie can only write a text response and speak that back as her answer to what you asked.

Julie's response will include a statement that says: Response created with Generative AI. See below for an example message.

Questions that have not been made with Generative AI will simply say Julie after the response.

No, Julie will use Generative AI for general questions but still requires a human to program responses that are personalized to the user or have information that must be 100% accurate.

How it works?

Julie now has the capability to better understand what you are looking for and craft a specific response for you based on the data we have loaded into Azure OpenAI.
** Assumes that there is data within her Azure OpenAI Storage that relates to the user's question

NSU Data

Julie has access to data within AzureOpen AI specific to NSU. She is able to create her answers from word documents, PowerPoint files, PDF Documents, and even web pages we identify. She will not search the internet or provide answers to questions that are not relevant to NSU students, faculty, or staff members. We will be increasing the amount of information she is able to access every month.

Just talk to me

Smart integrations are just an ask away. The ability to speak to me now allows students to easily find information just by asking.
Find out if you have any holds
Get your financial aid award information
Get directed to registration
Get your GPA
See your account balance
GPLUS loan status

But wait there's more…

Not only can Julie provide you with important insights, you can also ask her an array of questions from a number of categories such as Academics, Admissions, Bursar, Financial Aid, IT Help, Registrar and more. There are over 300 questions for users to ask. See below for a few examples.
Try saying or typing:
  • "How do I request a GRE fee reduction?"
  • "Does NSU Florida give scholarships?"
  • "How can I get scholarship at NSU Florida?"
  • "Where can I find the immunization forms?"
  • "Can I register late if I have a financial hold?"
  • "How do I complete the FAFSA?" 
  • "How long is my financial aid award offer valid for?"
  • "How do I download a Student Direct Deposit Form?"
  • "Can you reset my password?"
  • "Can I edit my profile in Canvas as a student?"
  • "What are NSU's HIPAA Security Policies?"
  • "What are eTranscripts?"
  • "When will I receive my final degree transcript?"
  • "When is the beginning of the semester?"
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