Revamped digital support provides more engaging experience

We conducted a survey among 100+ students to gather feedback on different Julie designs. With the help of the surveyed students, we would like to Introduce our enhanced digital persona with a modernized appearance and voice. Immerse yourself in the redesigned bot interface that offers tailored insights and fosters a highly interactive experience.

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Julie Bot Window

Just talk to me

Smart integrations are just an ask away. The ability to speak to me now allows students to easily find information just by asking.
Find out if you have any holds
Get your financial aid award information
Get directed to registration
Get your GPA
See your account balance
GPLUS loan status

But wait there's more…

Not only can Julie provide you with important insights, you can also ask her an array of questions from a number of categories such as Academics, Admissions, Bursar, Financial Aid, IT Help, Registrar and more. There are over 300 questions for users to ask. See below for a few examples.
Try saying or typing:
  • "How do I request a GRE fee reduction?"
  • "Does NSU Florida give scholarships?"
  • "How can I get scholarship at NSU Florida?"
  • "Where can I find the immunization forms?"
  • "Can I register late if I have a financial hold?"
  • "How do I complete the FAFSA?" 
  • "How long is my financial aid award offer valid for?"
  • "How do I download a Student Direct Deposit Form?"
  • "Can you reset my password?"
  • "Can I edit my profile in Canvas as a student?"
  • "What are NSU's HIPAA Security Policies?"
  • "What are eTranscripts?"
  • "When will I receive my final degree transcript?"
  • "When is the beginning of the semester?"
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