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Issue Date: 11-22-2019

Did you know that the NSU Alvin Sherman Library provides access to some amazing resources that can help you enhance your courses? Through the Library you have access to resources that provide cutting edge research, a recording studio, and repository of video with content that you can share with your students.  

The databases that the Library offers can help you provide current research to your students. If you are looking to include high quality video recordings in your courses, there is a Digital Media Lab that has the software, cameras, and microphones necessary to put together a quality video. With LinkedIn Learning you can learn many skills ranging from SQL to how to build presentations.  

Library Databases

The Alvin Sherman Library maintains an expansive list of databasesThese databases cover a wide range of topics and formats. Topics range from Accounting & Taxation to Visual Arts and are in formats such as Conference papers and statistical sources. 

Accessing these databases is easy and they are either linked directly on the library site or use single sign-on access with your NSU login. 

With these databases, you can supplement your instruction with journal articles from scholarly journals. You can have learners access articles from current magazines through the app FlipsterYou could even develop research activities that ask learners to reference some of the 250,000 data sets available at, or you could have students support their discussion posts with relevant news articles from the New York Times which has some content that goes back as far as 1851.  

Databases for NSU Patrons


To access these databases, visit the library website: 

Click on the ‘Databases by Subject’ link, then choose ‘see all subjects’ to start exploring what resources are available and relevant to your field. 

Digital Media Label at Alvin Sherman Library

If you teach an online course, connecting with your students can be a challenge. Pre-recorded video content is an excellent way to introduce yourself to students and give them information about the course prior to the first meeting of the course. The Library houses an amazing resource where you can film yourself on a green screen background and place yourself anywhere in world. Imagine being able to explain a far-off locale or the inside of a lung while being inside of it. The Ann Porterfield Digital Media Lab has the hardware and software available to turn those ideas into a reality. 

Digital Media Lab Logo

In addition to a 4K digital video camera, there is a WhisperRoom Sound booth with a mic, a large display monitor along with keyboard and mouse. This WhisperRoom is excellent for perfecting your audio by blocking out other noise. You can say goodbye to course videos that have crying babies and barking dogs in the background. We've all seen videos recorded with lower quality webcams or background noise which detracts from the quality of the video presented to students. With this space, equipment and software, you can develop production level audio and videos! The lab is easy to reserve for a 2-hour block and in it there are two computers, one Mac and one PC, so you can feel comfortable no matter which operating system you prefer. 

Visit for more information and to reserve the room. 

LinkedIn Learning

Previously known as Lynda, all faculty, students, and staff have access to an abundance of learning content from LinkedIn Learning. Do you use software that some students might not be familiar with? You can direct students to LinkedIn Learning videos to get them up to speed. 

Enhance your course content with supplementary content from LinkedIn Learning. Because students have access to the resource, it can easily be included in your course. There is even a tool to allow you to create a collection of relevant videos that you would like students to review. 


Linkedin Learning


You could even use it to enhance your skills, for example let's say that you want to use the previously mentioned digital media lab but don’t know much about green screen. There a dozen of videos that can help you learn what you need to know about green screen video and video editing software. The sky is the limit. 


For more information, visit: 

You can access the platform directly through LinkedIn with single sign-on: 

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