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Emerging Leadership at NSU

Emerging Leadership 


Next Session Starting January 2024!  

Please Click Here for the Current Nomination Form - Submit completed form to Jonathan Harrison, Director of Learning and Organizational Development

The purpose of the Emerging Leadership Program is to equip People Managers new to their role with opportunities to develop and grow. Both skill training and experiences will prepare individuals to achieve and operate at their full potential in driving Nova Southeastern University to achieve Vision 2025 and beyond.

For more information about this program and the next session, contact Jonathan Harrison, Director of Learning and Organizational Development.

The Emerging Leadership program is the leadership development program for people managers who are new to Leadership, new to NSU, or are looking to increase their skills. The program provides participants with opportunities to develop and grow through skill training and experiences intended to prepare individuals to achieve and operate at their full potential in driving Nova Southeastern University to achieve Vision 2025 and beyond. 

To recommend one of your direct reports, please provide them with the Current Nomination Form. 

Spaces are limited so apply at your earliest convenience!

**Only complete applications with nominee’s direct manager’s approval will be considered.**


Here’s what attendees of the program are saying:

 “This program was excellent because it helped me to understand different aspects of leadership and create opportunities to improve the team. It provided me with theory and practice tools to make a difference in the department. It was a great opportunity to know myself and the team better, implementing change and fostering an environment with mutual respect and teamwork perception.”

 “The Emerging Leadership program has created a lasting impression on my leadership abilities. The program was full of valuable information about how to interact with colleagues, direct reports, and supervisors including everything from handling personality differences, framing important conversations, and building a team. I've used specific skills learned in the program in several situations.”

 “It was very beneficial working with other NSU leaders as our challenges are similar and it provides a cross-college experience. I have reached out to other groups on projects to involve them and to help get work done.”

Emerging Leadership Program Requirements

  • Ideal candidates are currently in a leadership role (3 years or less) and supervising at least 3 employees.
  • Demonstrate successful performance through performance evaluations over the past year, and has completed 6 months of employment with NSU. 
  • Candidates for the Emerging Leadership Program must submit a completed profile, approved by their leader. 
  • Ability to attend all 6 monthly half day sessions on Davie Campus.
  • Program costs are $350 per participant (to be paid by their department) and includes books, supplies, assessments, and food.

The completed profile should be submitted to Jonathan Harrison, Director of Learning & Organizational Development 

Program session topics include:

Session 1 – The Why, Mindset, and Values

Session 2 – Personality Styles

Session 3 -  Emotional Intelligence & Transition to Manager 

Session 4 – Coaching and Feedback

Session 5 – Decision Making

Session 6 – Personal Goals and Self-Leadership


Quote to Ponder


"The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them."

-John Maxwell

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