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New Employee Orientation

Supervisor Orientation Toolkit

The Orientation Period

During the first three months, you should be clear and consistent about what is expected from the new employee. It is your responsibility to communicate how performance is measured so there is no guesswork as to where your new employee should focus his/her efforts. The orientation period is designed to evaluate that your new employee is a good fit for the job and whether he/she will be successful.

Prior to the end of the orientation period, you will be required to complete an evaluation for your new employee. The performance appraisal is an essential communication tool between the employee and the supervisor and is a part of the official personnel file.

Schedule the new employee's Planning and Performance Review for the third-month review. Use the performance appraisal form to look at specific areas, goals, standards of performance, and the employee's progress toward meeting them, as well as future goals and employee development. 90-Day Orientation Review

Starting on July 1, 2014 the 90 day orientation reviews for new hires will be system generated through the Shark Performance Management System. Immediate supervisors will receive email notifications on a timely basis with instructions.

To start a 90 day orientation review for employee, log in to SharkLink at Click on the Employee tab, go to Career Management Resources and select Shark Talent Management Suite. Under the Actions needed box, the 90 day orientation review will be ready to launch.

Continue to clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations as needed and provide ongoing coaching and feedback.

Contact the Human Resources Client Services team at if there are any significant performance concerns.

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