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New Employee Orientation

Supervisor Orientation Toolkit

The First Month

During the first month, have one-on-one conversations with your new employee to clarify questions, address concerns, and monitor progress. It's important to communicate expectations and feedback. Also, ask for feedback about how things are going and if your new employee is getting the necessary support from you and others to become proficient.

During this first month, please ensure the following has been completed:

  1. Verify the new employee has signed up for benefits prior to the enrollment deadline. The period of initial eligibility is 30 days after date of hire. If the employee has not done so, the only opportunity to enroll will be during the yearly open enrollment period in February.

    If the new employee has any questions regarding health insurance coverage options, he/she can contact the Office of Human Resources at or at (954) 262-4748. It is important the new employee understands the timing and amount of deductions resulting from their choice.
  2. Encourage the new employee to review his/her pay stub to ensure it reflects the correct benefit plan choices, payroll deductions, and personal information.
  3. Continue to clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations as needed and provide on-going coaching and feedback.
  4. Ensure that essential training has been scheduled and/or completed.
  5. Increase the complexity and scope of work to assess your new employee's ability to perform the full range of duties within the position. Create SMART goals for the coming months. Click here to see the definition of SMART goals from slide 17.
  6. Contact the Human Resources Client Services team at if there are any significant performance concerns.
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