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New Employee Orientation

Supervisor Orientation Toolkit

The First Day

Creating a comfortable environment for your new employee from the beginning is important. This includes

  • two-way conversations to ensure mutual understanding
  • making the new employee feel welcome
  • providing an overview of the role and the department
  1. Provide a Welcome Binder for the new employee. To access a template of a recommended Welcome Binder, click here.
  2. Meet with your new employee and discuss the agenda for the day. See supervisor's checklist.
  3. Make arrangements for taking the new employee to lunch or coffee.
  4. Review the university's vision statement, mission statement, and core values and explain how your department and the new employee's job support them.
  5. Review department and division organizational charts and how they relate to the overall NSU structure.
  6. Explain the orientation performance evaluation, NSU's performance evaluation program, your performance expectations, and the frequency of the reviews.
  7. Schedule training on key tasks, use of equipment, etc., for the new employee.
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