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New Employee Orientation

The First 30 Days

During your first 30 days of employment, communicate regularly with your supervisor to clarify questions, address concerns, monitor progress, and ask for feedback.

Some ways to talk with your supervisor about your progress might include:

  • "Have I been meeting your expectations for learning and performance at this point in my orientation?"
  • "I completed my task. Could you please provide me with feedback about how well I performed in doing that task?"

Demonstrating openness to feedback and learning from constructive comments will increase your development.

Learning comes to each of us at a different rate. If you need more development, it is okay to ask. You can start the conversation with, "I tried to do my task, but was not as successful as I would like. Could you please provide more assistance by going over the assignment with me again, or providing more resources where I can learn how to do this, etc.?"

Please ensure the following has been completed:

  • Benefits eligible employees must enroll in benefits within 30 days from date of hire. If do not enroll during this period, the next opportunity to enroll will be during the open enrollment period in February. If you have questions regarding health insurance coverage contact (954) 262-4748.
  • Review policies and procedures available online at
  • Check the information in your first paycheck to ensure your address, benefit plan choices, and payroll deductions are accurate. Your first paycheck will be mailed to the address on file. Generally, direct deposit will take effect one to two pay periods after enrollment. To view a copy of your pay stub, access
  • Review NSU's vision, mission, and core values at
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