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Refund of Charges, Tuition, and Fees

If a student is entitled to a refund of tuition and fees, the refund will first be applied to any sources of financial aid from which the student may have been awarded. Once all balances owed to NSU have been satisfied, any excess funds remaining will be refunded to the student.

Refunds will generally be delivered to students in the form of a check unless the student has a valid Direct Deposit Authorization on file or payment has been made by credit card or gift card, in which case the excess credit will be returned to the card.

Students receiving federal and state financial aid should consult a financial aid counselor before dropping or withdrawing from courses to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements for satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

State refund policies may vary, based upon your permanent residence address. Click below to view state policies differing from those in Florida.

Effective December 7, 2005, students who are permanent residents of Oregon and who attend classes that are either delivered in an online format or meet at an Oregon location are subject to the refund policies of the state of Oregon.

Oregon students who withdraw from a course will have their accounts reviewed and if applicable, will receive tuition refunds according to the schedule below.

  • To officially withdraw, students must complete the online withdrawal process on Sharklink or withdraw in writing by completing a Student Transaction Form.
  • A student will be considered unofficially withdrawn if he or she stops attending class(es) without notification to the institution. The last date of an educationally-related activity will be used as the last date of attendance (LDA) as recorded on the grade roster in Self-Service Banner (WebSTAR). The LDA will be used as the withdrawal date for calculating refunds. If the last date of attendance is not known, the date that is one day prior to the midpoint of the period of enrollment will be used.
Proportion of Term Completed as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination Tuition Refund
More than 5% but no more than 10% 90% Refund
More than 10% but no more than 25% 75% Refund
More than 25% but no more than 50% 50% Refund
More than 50% No Refund

If you have questions about your refund, please contact Enrollment and Student Services at 800-541-6682, extension 25200 or 954-262-5200.

Students wishing to report unfair refund practices may complete the online Consumer Complaint Form or contact:

Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline
Salem: 503-378-4320
Portland: 503-229-5576
Toll-Free: 1-877-877-9392

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