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Return of Financial Aid Refunds

Students who wish to voluntarily return all or part of their financial aid refund to lower their loan debt may do so any time. 

Instructions for Returning Financial Aid Refunds

  1. Submit an Authorization to Return Refund form and payment.

  2. Payment may be submitted as follows:

    1. For quickest processing, return the original NSU refund check to the One-Stop Shop (Horvitz and Terry Administration Buildings) or by postal mail, or

    2. You may also submit an original personal check to the One-Stop Shop in the Horvitz Administration Building or by postal mail, or

    3. You may make a web payment (online via SharkLink or NSU eBill.).

Please note: If submitting payment by check, only original checks, not copies of checks, are accepted.


Dropping or Withdrawing from Class May Make you Ineligible for Your Aid

If you drop class(es), stop attending, or withdraw from NSU for any reason, you must notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Financial aid awards may be adjusted, and you may be required to repay a prorated amount of the funds advanced to you for the semester from which you withdrew. You will be notified by the University Bursar's Office of any balances owed to NSU.

Attention Florida Bright Futures Recipients: Students who drop or withdraw from any class(es), will be required to return the Bright Futures awards for those classes by the end of the academic year as a condition for renewal of any state aid (Florida Bright Futures, Effective Access to Student Education (EASE) Grant, Florida Student Assistance Grant) in subsequent years. Students will be notified by the University Bursar's Office of any balances owed to NSU as a result of a Florida Bright Futures award adjustment.

For detailed information about the Return of Title IV Funds, including examples, visit the financial aid website.

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