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Third Party Billing

Using the Florida Prepaid College Plan at NSU

Nova Southeastern University accepts and bills the Florida Prepaid College Plan for tuition, fees, and costs for on-campus housing. Florida Prepaid College Plans are based on the tuition rates of the tax-assisted Florida public colleges and universities, whereas NSU is a private, not-for-profit institution. The difference between NSU tuition, fees, and on-campus housing costs and the allocations through the Florida Prepaid College Plan is the responsibility of the student.

Students new to NSU must first contact Florida Prepaid at 800-552-GRAD to authorize NSU for payment. For those students who have notified the Florida PrePaid College Plan that they are attending NSU, the plan will automatically be billed based on the hours of enrollment after the drop/add period. A student may request changes to this procedure by submitting a completed and signed Florida PrePaid College Plan Billing Request Form.

To learn more about the plan, visit the Florida Prepaid College Plan website.

Tuition Assistance Plans

Please note: The tuition assistance plans listed below will generally be applied to tuition and fee charges not covered by anticipated financial aid awards. Advance refunds based on postdated payments, employer tuition reimbursement, etc. will not be available.

  • Tuition Deferment
    Graduate students should contact their program office for information on deferment programs. Undergraduate students participating in employer tuition assistance programs who wish to defer tuition payment must:
    • submit a letter of eligibility, or a purchase order from their employer, or details of their employer's program from the employer's human resources office or the employer's website
    • provide postdated payments (check or credit card authorizations) for the amount of tuition. Payment of tuition only (not fees) may be deferred for five weeks after course completion.
    • pay a $75 deferment fee along with all other fees.
    • notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance of participation in an employer tuition assistance program
  • Tuition Direct Billing
    A student whose employer, sponsor, or guarantor has agreed to be direct billed by NSU must notify the Office of the University Bursar accordingly. The student must:
    • provide a voucher, financial guarantee, letter of credit or eligibility from the respective payer with the amount and enrollment period for which funds are to be applied when charges are due at the time of registration.
    • pay any amount due not covered in the billed party documentation.
  • Tuition Reimbursement
    Some employers/sponsors/guarantors make payments directly to the student. Students must:
    • pay charges in full for the semester/term to be reimbursed
    • send an email to from their SharkLink (NSU) email account to request a receipt of paid charges
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