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Financial Holds and Collections

Avoiding a financial hold and collections is key to a smooth academic journey at Nova Southeastern University. This page outlines what happens if your student account balance remains unpaid for an extended period. We'll explain the steps the Bursar's Office takes to collect past due balances, including electronic notices, financial holds, and potential referral to a third-party collection agency. Remember, outstanding balances can restrict access to important services like registration and transcripts. Review the information below to understand the process and learn how to prevent your account from going to collections. 

Understanding Past Due Accounts at NSU

Your student account is considered past due if the balance remains unpaid for 91 days or more. Unpaid balances can stem from incomplete financial aid paperwork, insufficient funds, returned checks, declined card payments, or additional fees. To help you clear these balances and avoid disruptions, the Bursar's Office uses a few methods:

  • Friendly Reminders: We'll contact you by email and mail to let you know about the outstanding amount.
  • Financial Holds: A hold might be placed on your account, restricting access to services like registration and transcripts until the balance is settled. 

Unpaid Balances and Collections

If your account remains unpaid for an extended period (121+ days), it may be sent to a third-party collection agency. This can result in additional collection fees added to your outstanding balance. The past due balance can also be reported to a credit bureau. To regain access to NSU services and receive academic credentials (transcripts, grades, diploma), the full amount, including collection fees, must be paid.

Important: If your account goes to collections with a third-party agency, contact them directly to set up payment arrangement. The telephone number for the agency is listed with your financial hold in SharkLink. 

Pay your balance in full or set up a payment plan to prevent your account from going to collections.

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Be Aware of Declined Payment Fees

A $25 fee applies to each declined payment, including checks and credit cards. To avoid these fees, ensure sufficient funds are available when making payments.

If your checks are repeatedly declined (more than once), the Bursar's Office may no longer accept personal checks from you. Alternative payment methods like money orders, credit cards, or certified checks will be required. 

Bursar Holds

A Bursar Hold restricts your access to registration, diplomas, and the University RecPlex until the outstanding balance is paid in full (showing a $0 balance). Here's a breakdown of different types of holds: 

  • Late Payment Hold ($100 Fee): This hold is placed on your account on the 30th day of the semester if you have an unpaid balance. If you've paid your current semester's balance but have an outstanding balance from a previous semester, contact the Bursar's office ( or call during office hours) to discuss potentially lifting the hold. 
  • Declined Payment Hold ($25 Fee): This hold is placed on your account for each declined payment (check or credit card) until the declined payment and fee are cleared. 
  • Collections Holds: A Pre-Collections Hold begins on the 91st day of the semester for unpaid balances. This is followed by in-house collections activity through electronic and written notices. If the balance remains unpaid for an extended period, further collections holds may apply.  

Transcript/Diploma Hold

An outstanding balance at the start of the semester can result in a Transcript/Diploma Hold. This hold prevents you from receiving your official transcript or diploma but does not affect your access to other university services. There's also no fee associated with this hold.

Other University Holds

University departments like the Registrar's Office, Dean of Students, or your program office may place holds on your account for various reasons. These holds will be displayed in SharkLink. Contact that specific department to discuss the requirements for removing the hold.

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How Holds Are Lifted

Most Bursar holds are removed automatically in real-time once your payment reduces your account balance to zero. This applies to holds with codes TD, 04, and 01.

Payment Processing Times:

  • Paper Checks: Holds will be lifted 10 business days after your check clears.
  • Electronic Checks (eChecks): Holds will be lifted 5 business days after the eCheck is posted to your account.

The hold won't be lifted until all outstanding balances are received, cleared at the bank, and your past due amount is satisfied.

Contact Us

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Nova Southeastern University
Attn: Bursar's Office
3300 S. University Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33328-2004

Phone: 800-541-6682 ext. 5200
Email: (for questions regarding holds) and 

Third Party Agencies
Continental Service Group (ConServe): 800-724-4439
General Revenue Corporation (GRC): 800-234-6258 ext. 3218
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